The dream keeps on…

Thanks to sharp hitting from sluggers Matt Clark and Blake Dean, as well as dominant relief pitching from Louis Coleman, LSU was able to extend its win streak with a blowout win over Southern Miss on Saturday night. The Tigers will return to the field tomm night to take on the winner of a 1 p.m. game between the Eagles and UNO who defeated Texas Southern today to advance to that game.

LSU will have to be beaten twice to be denied a spot in the Super Regional, and I just don’t see it happening folks. With a fresh bullpen, consistent starting and dominant slugging, this LSU team will be poised to make a return trip to Omaha (in my eyes).

The biggest dilemma for LSU is whether or not to use Jared Bradford in tomorrow’s close-out game. The Cox Sports television announcers said it was a “no-brainer” to use Bradford, but I disagree. I would prefer to start a lesser-known in Sunday’s game with the option to use Bradford in relief, so the Tigers can also have him available for Monday’s game if necessary.

If LSU used Bradford as a starter on Sunday and loses, then they are left with a true freshman as their closer in an elimination game on Monday and that is potentially bad news.

In other news, Skip Bertman was hospitalized with an apparent heart attack Saturday afternoon. I do not know the details, so I will not even begin to speculate on what is or isn’t going on, but I can say that the Skipper is in the prayers of many LSU fans and in the minds of all baseball fans across the globe. I would like to wish him a full recovery.

Street fighting mogul, turned MMA hustler, Kimbo Slice fought on national TV tonight and well…. he did exactly what I expected him to do: Win and be unimpressive in doing so. Slice is someone who belongs in a circus tent and not in an organized fighting scene and once he accelerates in his development and fights more folks who are big and strong like he is, they will do like his opponent did tonight and take him down and wear him out.


The NBA Finals are 5 days away, but yet, this Lakers/Celtics matchup appears to be a dousy on paper. In the coming days, I will break down the matchups at point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center, before making a prediction on the series.

Point guard:

Lakers– Derek Fisher:

11.7 pts, 2.1 rebs, 2.9 assists per game

Celtics– Rajon Rondo:

10.6 pts, 4.2 rebs, 5.1 assists per game

The Fisher/Rondo matchup will be a tough one and will be tough to call. Fisher is a more efficient offensive player and is a far better shooter, but Rondo is a very steady defender and is a more “true” point guard. But when push comes to shove, Fisher has 3 championships and Rondo is just a mere 22 years young with just two years NBA experience.

Advantage: Lakers

Stay tuned tomm for the shooting guard preview.

Happy weekend folks. The weather is gorgeous here. Hope the same can be said for your neck of the woods.

Feel free to comment with questions/suggestions or to email any questions/suggestions to me at I will make it a point to answer all of them in the blog. I want my readers to have equal say as to what goes on here as I do. )


P.S. Congrats to a friend of mine, Erica White, who scored a career-high 13 points Friday for the Houston Comets. Keep on keeping on, Erica!