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All of the spring sports at LSU may be complete with the Tigers’ CWS run coming to an end, but several LSU Tigers are doing many special things in the sports world and I will note as many as I can think of off the top of my head in today’s lead story.

Feel free to chime in with others that you may have.

Tennis: Former LSU All-American Ken Skupski will get the thrill of a lifetime and will compete in the Double’s Draw of Wimbledon. Skupski was a standout throughout his career as a Tiger, winning All-American and First-Team All SEC honors in 2005-07. The former LSU star is only a wildcard entry, so he is a long-shot at best, but we still wish all the best to the former Tiger.

Track: LSU track stars Kelly Baptiste and Richard Thompson both qualified for their homeland Olympic team and will compete for Trinidad and Tobago in the Olympics. Each will compete in the 100 m dash and Thompson is considered by many to be a contender to medal in the Games.

American runners and former LSU runner Xavier Carter and current LSU runner Trindon Holliday will each try to work their way onto the American team later this month.

Geaux get ‘em guys!

Baseball: Former LSU Tiger Nick Stavinoha made his MLB debut this weekend for the St. Louis Cardinals and also got his first career hit with a bloop single into right field. Hopefully the former LSU slugger can provide stability to a depleted Cardinals team.

WNBA: LSU legend Seimone Augustus has her Minnesota Lynx as one of the talks of the WNBA with a 6-6 win after just a 10-win season each of the past two seasons. Augustus has been her usual fabulous self and has averaged 19 points per game on the season. Switching gears, fellow LSU Alum and friend of mine, Erica White has been a spark off the Houston Comets’ bench, averaging five points, two rebounds and two assists off the Comets’ bench. After a 1-7 start to the season, the Comets have won three of their past four.

Again, feel free to send me comments with those that I have missed.
One of my favorite times of the year is almost upon us. Monday, the United States named the 12 players who will represent the country on the 2008 Olympic basketball team. I think the roster is as solid and as good as the original Dream Team and unless the team plays “me-first” basketball, the USA will roll through all of its competition by 20+ points.

Here’s a look at the roster.

G. Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers
G. Jason Kidd – Dallas Mavericks
G. Chris Paul – New Orleans Hornets
G. Deron Williams – Utah Jazz
G. Michael Redd – Milwaukee Bucks
G. Dwayne Wade – Miami Heat
F. Carmelo Anthony – Denver Nuggets
F. LeBron James- Cleveland Cavs
F. Tayshaun Prince- Detroit Pistons
F. Carlos Boozer – Utah Jazz
F. Chris Bosh- Toronto Raptors
C. Dwight Howard – Orlando Magic

On paper, it appears that the USA starting lineup will be Kidd, Bryant, Anthony, James and Howard with Redd, Wade, Bosh and Paul serving as the primary reserves, but let’s be real, you can’t really go wrong with anyone on the list.
We began the Top 5 of our Top 10 list of athletes yesterday. Today, we will push closer to No. 1 with the No. 4 athlete of all-time and it’s a bit of a curve-ball for me, because I am not a fan of the sport he plays, but No. 4 can be summed up in three words: “The Great One”.

No. 4 Athlete: Wayne Gretzky

Much like our pick a few days ago, Tiger Woods, in many ways, Gretzky IS hockey. Whether you liked him, loved him, hated him or despised him, everyone who is a fan of the game recognized that the Great One is the best player to ever play the sport, an acknowledgment that not as undisputed in any other sport.

Gretzky’s records and accolades in his 20-year NHL career are overwhelming, but I will give you a few stats to show you just how amazing his career was.

-No other player in NHL history has ever had a 200 point season. Gretzky did it four times.
-Gretzky scored 100 or more points in 15 NHL seasons and 13 consecutive seasons.
-Gretzky has more career assists than any other player in NHL history has points.
-His number (99) is retired by the entire NHL.

The Great One played for four teams in his career (Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and New York Rangers) from 1979-99 with his best season in1985-86 when he had 215 total points, including an insane 163 assists for the Oilers. The Great One was also not just a statistical freak. He was also a big-time winner, having won four Stanley Cups.

We get into the Top Three tomorrow.


Shaq takes stab at Kobe in rap
– I love this one. The media makes Kobe out to be the bad guy in this, because he is more quiet and reserved than Shaq, but the big Diesel is the one doing all the talking. Real classy, Big Aristotle. Or Big Overrated. You had a ton of time to think of jingles after your season ended in mid April.

Imus again brings race into radio show
– If it smells like a rat and it looks like a rat, then it must be a rat. Dude is a blatant racist and there is no room for him on the air. Hopefully this is his last straw. Like he really didn’t know Pac Man is black. Give me a break.

Big Brown owner’s stable to be drug-free – Shouldn’t it have always been this way? Seems to me that your sport is kind of in bad shape when you’re in the minority and you’re not cheating.

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