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Former LSU football player Xavier Carter and current LSU wide receiver Trindon Holliday moved one step closer to the Olympics yesterday, each advancing to the Semifinals in the 100m dash at the Olympic Qualifiers in Oregon.

Carter finished with a 10.14 qualifying time with Holliday a tenth of a second slower at 10.15.

Holliday had to sweat his position out as the Top four runners in three heats, plus the next best four times qualify for the Semifinals. Holliday finished outside of the automatic qualifiers in his heat placing fifth, but his 10.15 time was good enough to earn one of the four last spots.

America’s best chance for 100 m gold Tyson Gay struggled, but also qualified with a 10.14 time.

Tomorrow’s heats will be far more competitive than today’s as the fat has now been cut off the bone of the competition and I suspect to see a lot more sub 10.00 scores in tomorrow’s heat.

Good luck to both Xavier and Trindon. Carter’s week does not end with the 100, as he will attempt to qualify for his best event, the 200m dash next weekend.

Neither Carter nor Holliday is a legit threat to win gold in Beijing in the 100 most likely, but it will still be fabulous to have some purple and gold wearing red, white and blue later in the summer.

Interleague play continued this weekend in the MLB and several series have given fans a treat throughout the country.

The AL Central leading White Sox have taken two in a row from the NL Central leading Cubs in the battle of the Windy City.

The Yanks have taken two of three so far from the Mets in the Subway Series and the Brewers ended the red-hot Twins 10-game win streak last night with a 5-1 win.

My question I pose to you today is: Do you like Interleague Play? Would you change it? If so, how?

I am a huge fan of the system. I, personally think the baseball schedule is the most unfair of that in any sport.

In the National League, for instance, with the division-weighted schedule, a team like the Brewers has to play teams like the Cubs, Cardinals, Astros and Reds all season — clubs who are all tough outs on any given day.

In the NL West, though, a team like the Dodgers spends most of their schedule facing off with the Padres and Rockies and Giants, complete cellar dwellers.


Cumulative W/L of Divisions:

AL East: 222-182

AL Central: 203-200

AL West: 162-158

NL East: 196-210

NL Central: 251-234

NL West: 176-226


In the heat of a division race, everyone in the division plays roughly same schedule, so the division champion is rewarded fairly. My issue is with the Wild Card. In my eyes, 84 wins in an NL Central schedule is more valuable than 85 wins with an NL West schedule. But in the eyes of the MLB, they have things right and that problem continues today.

It’s no different in interleague. The teams that get stuck facing off with the AL East have a clear disadvantage over the rest of the MLB and when division and wild card races are decided by just one and two games most of the time, that can make a big difference.

My solution would be to expand interleague play and force every National League team to play one series with every American League team. This system eliminates the clutter of one team having a more difficult road than the others and is also good for the fans. Why should fans in Atlanta and Houston have to wait sometimes 5-6 years to see fabulous players like Ichiro when you can see them every other year?

I may be crazy, but I think one, three-game series with every team in your opposite league is the way to go.

What do you think?

Yesterday, I began list No. 2 and gave my No. 10 football coach in the SEC. I will dig a little bit deeper today and dive further into my Top 10.

No. 9 is a newcomer to the SEC, but is not a newcomer to success. In almost any other league, this guy would be near the top, but in the SEC, he is in the bottom third of the league. He may not be popular, he may not be nice and he may not be at Arkansas for more than 6 weeks, but he is my No. 9 coach.

No. 9: Bobby Petrino

Petrino bounced around the west coast as a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator for several teams before landing as Louisville’s offensive coordinator in 1998. Petrino then moved to the pro game, before moving back to college with Auburn in 2002 where his Tigers improved their offensive statistics in every category.

Petrino accepted the head coaching position at Louisville in 2003 and led the Cardinals to a 41-9 record in his four seasons, including an Orange Bowl win in the 2006 season. But despite his flawless w/l record, Petrino is not the definition of business ethics, having interviewed and flirted with several vacant openings (including LSU) during his tenure, despite being anchored to a 10-year contract. In 2007, Petrino took his act to the NFL and joined the Falcons as their head man, but that stay was quick and painless and did not last a full season, landing him in his current role in Arkansas.

The biggest issue Petrino will face is patience. Without Darren McFadden or Felix Jones on his roster, Arkansas will have problems winning ball games and I do not know if Petrino will have the patience to stay on board through both the good and bad times. His lack of loyalty drops him way down on this list in my book.

We’ll get to No. 8 tomorrow.


Pettite bests Santana as Yanks top Mets
– Is there anyone not besting Santana these days? The Mets sure paid a hefty price for a 7-7 pitcher. Sure, the ERA is 3.01, but six innings of three run baseball is not what you expect from the so-called second coming of Cy Young, like Mets fans forecasted of Santana.

Horry announces he is not retiring – Big Shot Bob announced that he will play another season and will play for either the Rockets or Spurs. As a Rocket fan, I would love to have Horry on our side come next spring. Either way, it’s good to see him sticking around for one more year.

Venus and Serena both move to 4th round – Both sisters appear to be playing the best tennis of anyone in the draw and it could set up for yet another potential matchup between the two in a Grand Slam. Advantage: Venus, because she is a far better grass player.

Tomorrow, I will break down Trent Johnson’s basketball staff, keep you updated on how our LSU boys do in the Olympic Qualifiers and give you the No. 8 SEC football coach. Tomorrow is also football Monday, which means I will be breaking down LSU’s second football opponent next season.

That’s all for me today. Happy Sunday.

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