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Sorry for the late update today, folks. I spent the better part of my evening in New Orleans watching Monday Night Raw with my friend Richard. With pro wrestling, it’s polarizing — you either like it or hate it and I am on the like side, so I had a great time.

But to the business at hand. The NBA Summer Leagues kicked off today and fans got a taste of what may be a rivalry for years to come in the NBA as No. 1 draft pick Derrick Rose squared off with No. 2 pick Michael Beasley in the Orlando Summer League.

Advantage Beasley to the tune of 28 points and nine boards as the former Kansas State star dominated the matchup and the Heat won the game 94-70, despite having NBA talents Joakim Noah, Tyrus Thomas and Aaron Cook making up their front line.

Get used to this, folks. I said it while previewing the draft and I will say it again now. Beasley is the real deal and Rose is not.

I have no doubts that Rose will probably eventually be a fine point guard in the NBA, but the Bulls were bobbing for apples hoping to get a Chris Paul or Deron Williams and they will strike out miserably if that is their desire. Beasley, on the other hand, will be dropping 17 and 10 nightly as a rookie for the Heat and will make them an instant player again in the East.

We’ve broken them all down and there is just one man left. After a week and a half of listing the best football coaches in the SEC, it’s time to find my top dog. For the No. 1 coach in the SEC, we stop in Gainesville with the new “ball coach” of the Gators.

No. 1 SEC Football Coach: Urban Meyer

Meyer became a head coach in 2001 with Bowling Green after several years as an assistant with many programs, most notably Notre Dame.

In two seasons with the Falcons, Meyer recorded 17 wins, before moving to Utah in 2003. It was with the Utes where “Urban Legend” was born, more specifically in the 2004 season when an Alex Smith-led Utes team finished the season 12-0, including a Fiesta Bowl win, leaving Meyer 22-2 in two seasons with the Utes.

Following Ron Zook and Tyrone Willingham’s dismissals from Florida and Notre Dame, respectively, both schools were hot on Meyer’s trail with most considering Notre Dame to hold a lead because of his history with the program. But Meyer shocked the college football world and chose the Gators where his spread option offense faced many growing pains in his first season, going 9-3. But Meyer shifted his offense to better fit passing oriented quarterback Chris Leak and the results followed in his second season with Florida going 13-1 and winning the National Championship.

With the cupboard stockpiled full of talent, we suspect Meyer will have the Gators as a major contender for both the SEC and national championship for years to come.

Recap: This is the way it all played out in the end.

10. Sylvester Croom
9. Bobby Petrino
8. Houston Nutt
7. Phil Fulmer
6. Tommy Tuberville
5. Steve Spurrier
4. Mark Richt
3. Nick Saban
2. Les Miles
1. Urban Meyer

This list was as hard as possible to do and anyone from about 7-1 can be arranged in any given order. The main criteria I went with were in no particular order: current success, past success, and recruiting. With those things taken into account, that is the list I came up with.

We will begin a new Top 10 tomorrow.


Divorce papers allege A-Rod is adulterer – So what? 100s of athletes get divorced in a year. Half of those are because of adultery. No, that does not make it right or acceptable, but why is A-Rod the only athlete who has to take the fall for this?

Chiefs Gonzales saves man’s life
– Tony Gonzales has been a class act since the day he has stepped foot in the NFL. Stories like this are totally “right place at the right time” things, but it surely seems that the good guys find ways to be in the right place more often than not.

Kuroda one-hits Braves
– Mark the Dodgers down as my official sleeper pick in all of the NL. They have a pathetic division to compete against and are making “trades” without having to give up players, having gotten back Nomar Garciaparra and Andruw Jones off the DL. Look out for ole Joe Torre and Co. come September.

That’s all for me tonight, guys and gals. Have a good Tuesday.

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