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HE’S BAAAAAAAAACK! After a retirement that lasted approximately 15 minutes, Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre told the team earlier in the week that he has a desire to play this season. When the team did not seem to have a level of interest, Favre then countered by requesting his release today, sending the NFL world into frenzy.

Brett Favre in a different uniform… Wow. As hard as it is to envision that, it appears to be reality because the Packers seem to have made up their mind in their quest to go on to the Aaron Rodgers era.

Bad move Green Bay. Favre can still play and was one bad pass away from the Super Bowl this past season. It is just silly to not welcome back the quarterback who won 13 games for you the season before and who brought you to hosting the NFC Championship game.

(Can the Packers’ king be headed to a new throne?)

But Green Bay seems to have made their decision and it seems as though Favre will be on the way out.

With it appearing that Favre may be a free agent soon, let’s look at some potential destinations for the future Hall of Famer.

Minnesota Vikings – Great defense, great running back, great offensive line, but what the Vikings do not have is a quarterback. But Favre has historically stunk in Minnesota’s dome and Green Bay will do anything in their power to keep him out of the division, so the best fit may not be the most likely fit.

Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens have no quarterback worth a darn now that Steve McNair has retired and with an aging defense, the time is now for the Ravens if they want to have a chance to compete. Favre gives them that.

San Diego Chargers – This one is the wild card, but let us pretend for a minute that Phillip Rivers is still injured. Remember that he tore his ACL just 6 months ago, and history tells us from Donovan McNabb and Carson Palmer that players who rush the return from that injury regret it, but let’s imagine Rivers is not healthy. Who better to lead the Bolts than Farve?

Carolina Panthers – Carolina is sexy, because we have already heard that they were having internal discussions. But what hurts the Panthers is they are not quite ready to compete and Favre wants to win big or stay at home.

Gisclair’s official pick to land the big fish:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
The Packers will not let Favre go inside of the division if at all possible, because of the egg it leaves on their face, so that leaves Jon Gruden and his 10 quarterbacks on his roster. I can see the teams making a deal, possibly involving Jeff Garcia to compete for the job in Green Bay also, as he seems to have been shunned in Tampa anyway.

But regardless, the loser in all of this is the Packers. Why bite off the hand that bit you to the tune of 13 wins this past season?

I promised juicy Hornets gossip in yesterday’s update, so here goes:

The latest from the team is that all of their current free agents will move on to other teams. Chris Anderson is fielding offers from the Celtics and Lakers and would provide the Celtics a chance to replace PJ Brown and the Lakers the opportunity to not match Golden State’s steep offer to Ronny Turiaf.

Rasual Butler will likely be traded or released before the season ends. When a player is in the dog-house, it is not a good idea to get arrested.

Jannero Pargo and Bonzi Wells are both exploring offers from many teams and will get close to or the full Mid Level Exceptions from someone elsewhere.

The player the Hornets are still actively trying to acquire is Ben Gordon of the Bulls and with a sign and trade, they have the pieces to make it fit, but it seems as though the Bulls are not quite ready yet to part ways with their free agent guard without a fight.

The team remains on a chase for James Posey but he seems most likely to stay in Boston. If talks go dead, though, he will stay on the Bees’ radar.

The Hornets are also looking to roll the dice on Clippers guard Shaun Livingston. Livingston is recovering from a horrendous injury, but was becoming quite a player and for a bargain price, he can be quite a fit for the Bees at a cheap price to replace Pargo.

If the Bulls re-up Gordon sooner, rather than later, the Hornets’ biggest priorities would be to bring back Pargo and Wells, but with the timing of it all as it is and the team believing it has a shot to land Gordon they are willing to make a sacrifice.

To replace Chris Anderson, a guy to keep an eye on is Spurs forward Robert Horry. Horry has said he would only consider the Spurs or the Rockets for the upcoming season, but neither squad seems to want him and the veteran power forward has said many times he is not retiring, so he can be an asset to the Hornets filling the veteran role that the team wanted PJ Brown to fill this past season.

A lot of teams have already made their moves for the summer, but the Hornets have only just begun. Expect to see some movement in the coming days.

I am running way overboard on my word count because of that, I will take a day off from my current list and pick it back up tomorrow. Sorry for those of you who looked forward to the newest stop on our list.


Tour rider tests positive, taken by cops – Wow. Good to see they are finally taking doping seriously in this sport in which on any given year, 75 to 80 percent of the racers get away with doping.

Olympic swimmer has cancer – Sad story. I do not know if the swimmer will be able to swim next month, but if not, I hope whomever wins the Olympic gold in that event donates it to Eric Shanteau, because he deserves it.

O’s scout part of gambling probe – With Spygate and the NBA referee scandal, it seems like baseball did not want to be outdone. I hope this does not become as much of a circus as the other two stories, because baseball has been through enough with the steroid era.

That’s all for me today. Have a great weekend, folks.

God Bless!

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