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Howdie guys and gals, Happy Sunday.

Today’s update will be a little shorter than some others. It’s the weekend and I know you all have better things to do on your beautiful Sunday’s than to spend 40 minutes visiting with me, so I will keep it brief so you all can go on with your days.

The big news again comes from Green Bay as the Packers countered Brett Favre’s request to be released yesterday by saying they have no desire to release Farve and that he is welcome to join the team to serve as Aaron Rodgers’ backup.

Give me a break. Can Green Bay butcher this any worse than they already have? The Packers’ ploy is to keep Favre retired and I just do not understand why. If they do not think he is good enough to be a starter over Rodgers, fine, I have no problem with that, but if that is indeed the case, then why not let him continue his career elsewhere? If he “can’t play”, then what do you have to be afraid of?

The fact of the matter is that the Packers know Favre can still play and they know Favre is better than Rodgers, but this has become so personal that Packers’ management is seeing past the truth and is operating not with winning in mind, but moreso operating to move-on at all costs.

Mark my words. If the Packers do not win the Superbowl, it’s bye-bye general manager Ted Thompson. It has to be. The speculation will be never-ending. With every poor pass made by Rodgers, fans will wonder what Favre would have done on the given play and it will create a speculation circus that will rip the team apart and Thompson out of his job.

More on this story as more breaks, and we all know that something else will break, if history holds true.

The MLB All-Star game is Tuesday and before the actual players are named, I want to give you my picks for who should be the pitching starters on both sides.

AL Starter: Mariano Rivera
– I am never in favor of a closer starting the All-Star game, much like I am never in favor of a closer winning the Cy Young, but in this case, it makes sense because it allows AL Manager Terry Francona to have his cake and eat it too. By starting Rivera, he pleases the hometown faithful in Yankee Stadium. But with Rivera out of the mix to close the game, Francona can also hand the ball to his own guy, Jonathan Papelbon in the ninth inning if need be to record the final three outs.

NL Starter: Brandon Webb – Sure, Webb has not been as dominant the past 4 or so weeks, but he still has 13 wins, good for two more than anyone else in the NL. But it is likely that Webb will be passed over, because he is pitching in today’s game against the Phils. So whether he does or does not actually start in the game is unknown, but he is hands-down the Cy Young of the first-half in the NL.

We took a day off from our stadium list yesterday, but it is back again today and we take our show to the north for the first time in our list.

No. 7 most difficult place for visiting teams to play: Notre Dame Stadium

No need for fancy names — just straight up Notre Dame Stadium. Since its inception in 1930, many of the great events in college football history have happened in the stadium as the Irish have long been in the spotlight of college football glory.

In the past 40 years, the Irish have had only one game not sell out, a contest against Air Force in 1973 on Thanksgiving Day that still reached near capacity despite no students being on campus for the game.

Seas of green and gold have forever made things difficult on opposing teams, no matter how talented the Irish’s team may be and that dedication makes Notre Dame Stadium number 7 on our list.


Harden Ks 10 in debut – It’s a shame Harden could not get the win, but applaud the Cubbies. They one-upped the Sabathia deal by getting just as much back as the Brew Crew did while giving up less to Oakland.

Pedro injured, Mets win eighth straight – Pedro injured? That has to be a joke, right? No way would I believe that. But all Pedro-hating aside, the team least happy about the break are the Amazin’s who are just a .5 game back of the Phils in the East. What wonders firing your douche-bag manager can do.

Henry tests positive for marijuana, faces year suspension – Travis Henry is a good model of what NOT to do if you are an NFL player. Dude is as talented as they come and is a solid running back, but like Ricky Williams and some others, he just can not stay clean. Someday when Henry is 65, he will look back and realize just how bad he is messing things up for himself.

That is all for me. For those of you having family get-togethers today to celebrate your Sunday, have a blast.

Take care!

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