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Fan\’s Five Show One

Now. Back to what was the biggest show of stand-up comedy to hit primetime television this summer: The All-Star Game.

What a joke.

If you want an in-depth recap of the game, see ESPN or CNNSI. I am ticked and prepare for a rant, so here goes:

I dislike the All-Star game for the following reasons.

1. The format – The best players end the game on the bench. How great would it have been to see guys like A-Rod or Albert Pujols at bat with the game on the line? Instead, we get Ryan Ludwick and Michael Young. The MLB needs to build this game like a boxing card and start the reserve players and substitute in the best players to build up to the “main event.” It’s no wonder neither team can score when we get to the 9th-15th innings when both lineups are made of average players at best, going against dominant pitchers.

2. The outcome – The MLB has worked so hard to rebuild its image after the steroid fiasco of the 1990s and early 2000s. And for the most part, they have succeeded thanks to some fabulous young players. I hate that some of those young players’ futures have to be put on the line pitching on one day’s rest to decide a game that finally “matters” this year. Makes me want to puke.

3. What’s at stake – “This one counts.” I have a question. How many times has Michael Young played in the World Series? Or even the playoffs for that matter. (Don’t google it, the answer is none). So why is it that Young’s bat gets to win the game and decide home field advantage for the second time in his career? I am not picking on the kid, but he will never play in the World Series as long as he is with the Rangers, so why should he be deciding potentially who will win it?

The MLB needs to blow this whole baby up and start over.

Here is my plan, who’s with me.

1. Make the All-Star game USA v. World. With 12/18 position player starters, and both starting pitchers, despite popular belief, the USA can compete in this format and it would bring a sense of pride back to the game for the players.

2. I do not have a set plan for the home field advantage thing, so I will give Bud Selig three options. Knowing his track record, I am sure he will pick the worst out of these three.

a. Give home field advantage to the club with the better record – That wouldn’t be such a sin, would it?

b. Give home field advantage to the league with the best interleague record – Let those games “count”.

c. Give home field advantage to the club with the fewest playoff losses in the Divisional Series and Championship Series’ (if the teams have equal losses, then go to regular season record)

That’s three solutions for that problem and three logical reasons why the All-Star game SHOULDN’T “count”.

3. Push the game to Wednesday – Let’s end all of this nonsense of having guys pitch on one day’s rest. Push the game back to Wednesday. It makes all the pitchers readily available and play doesn’t resume until Friday anyway, so it’s not like anyone is pressed for time to return to their club.

Those are my solutions. Who’s with me? Either way, something has to be done, because the current system is a joke and needs to be fixed. Give me your ideas. Chime in with a comment or a solution.

How would YOU fix the All-Star Game?

Our stadium countdown is getting to the push and shove now and we are inside of the Top 4.

It’s time to take a trip to SEC land and waddle through a land they simply call “The Swamp.”

No. 4 Stadium: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Florida)

Known simply as “The Swamp” among college football fans, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is the 10th largest in terms of capacity in all of college football. When the Gators are rockin’ on the field, the Gator fans are rockin’ in the stands, making the Swamp extremely difficult on opponents, especially when the Gators have dominant teams.

The numbers agree with the above claim as under Steve Spurrier from 1990-2001, the Gators were 68-5 in the Swamp. After taking a step back under Ron Zook, current coach Urban Meyer has rebuilt the winning tradition, fielding a 21-1 home record, making the Swamp one of the most difficult places in America for road teams to succeed.


Favre tempted to show up at Packers’ camp
– I hope he does. Show the Packers that he will not back down and they will be forced to release him to avoid the constant media circus.

Clippers acquire Camby from Nuggets
– For a second round pick of all things. Why the Nuggets just gave Camby away for chopped liver, I’ll never know, but props to the Clippers who have a decent replacement for Elton Brand.

Hamlin, Cowboys reach $39M deal – Good for Hamlin. Always underappreciated throughout his career, good to see the Cowboys take care of a fine, fine football player.

YouTube Video of the Day:

I started this feature yesterday and I have a fun one today. Detroit native Jordan Dumars recently committed to play basketball at South Florida.

I was informed of this soon-to-be-stud by a friend of mine. Here is his tape. Keep your eyes open for who can soon become a household name to basketball fans in the Big East.

That is all for me.

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