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One minute and one second.

That’s how long it took Anderson Silva to knock out James Irvin.

36 seconds.

That’s how long it took Fedor Emelianenko to submit Tim Sylvia.

Want to talk about complete domination in a sport? Look no further than these two guys. Fighting for rival “organizations”, these guys put on a hell of a show. (I use the word organization lightly, because frankly, the Affliction pay-per-view proves nothing. Other than any clown with $$$ can put together a good show. Let’s see if he can run a good organization AND stay in business).

After jumping up 20 lbs. to the light heavyweight division, Anderson Silva left no doubt that he can hang with the “bigger” boys. James Irvin was not Rampage Jackson (who might I add was picked up again by police less than 36 hours after his initial arrest, more on that later), but he was also not James “the tomato can” Thompson. He was a perfect opponent for Silva to move up weight class on, and he also turned out to be the perfect door mat. In a movie/video game like sequence, Irvin threw a hard body kick that Silva caught, and then proceeded to punch Irvin square in the face, knocking him to the ground. This was followed by 6 straight shots to the side of the Irvin’s head, with the knockout punch to the chin coming 7th and one for good measure before Mario Yamasaki stepped in.

Total, Silva threw 13 strikes. He connected on 12 of them. I won’t post the video here, but venture on over to and you can watch for yourself the punching bag session that was the Silva v. Irvin fight.

So what’s next for Silva? He said himself his duty is to defend the 185 title. The problem is, however, is how do you defend something no one can/will attack?

As far as Fedor Emelianenko goes, to all those who questioned if he could fight hack it… well, apparently, the questions have been answered. Fedor was quick to submit former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia en route to winning the newly formed WAMMA Heavyweight Championship.

Now, this is an opinion column, so for those of you who do follow MMA and disagree with what I’m about
to say, I’m sorry, but this is just how I feel.

I really don’t think Fedor’s win proves anything aside from the fact that he’s still TOP 5 in the world. Not TOP 3. Not #1. Not the best pound for pound fighter. I’ve always thought this, and I’ll continue to think this after this fight, but IMO, Tim Sylvia is a tomato can. In two of his last four fights, I’ve seen him hit the canvas inside of 15 seconds, both fights he lost, and he’s actually only won 1 of his last 4. He’s been suspended for using performance enhancing drugs, and while he poses an impressive 26 win record, he also has 6 losses, 3 of which have come in the last year and a half. Sylvia’s still a top 10 heavyweight, but he wasn’t the guy to be fighting Fedor to determine if Fedor is P4P the best in the world.

I contributed heavily to this week’s Daily Countdown/Top 10 list that Casey is doing, and if you check in daily, you’ll see how I feel about the world’s Top 10 P4P fighters and why I have them where I do.

I’ll give something away for free now though. Fedor’s not #1. And if he wants to be #1, he’ll have to beat this guy.

The big news in the sports world today comes out of Louisiana as the New Orleans Saints finally got Jeremy Shockey from the Giants, sending a 2nd and 5th round pick to the G-Men in the 2009 NFL Draft.

The Saints had been courting Shockey since this past March, but discussions broke down when the Giants demanded more than the Saints were willing to part with.

But with training camp a few days from opening and Shockey still on the Giants’ plate, the Giants revised what they were demanding for the former Pro Bowler and the Saints swooped in and picked him up.

My opinion on the move is a little bit complex as the situation has pros and cons.

On the field, I think Shockey will help the Saints tremendously. How many times in the past two seasons have the Saints had an open tight end drop a pass or fumble the football? With Shockey in the fold, expect to see a lot more 3rd and 5’s get converted as he will be a good steadying force in the team’s short passing game.

(Can the Saints do what the Giants couldn’t and keep this sometimes selfish star happy?)

But the cons also run deep, too. On a lesser scale, Shockey’s health has to be questioned. The former Miami star is coming off a leg and knee injury and turning 28 before the season begins, Shockey is hitting that age where tight ends sometimes hit a wall.

But on a grander scale is the questions about Shockey’s attitude. Yes, he is a great performer, but yes, it is also true that an unhappy Shockey can be a bad thing for a locker room. There is a reason why the Giants got hot and won the Superbowl as soon as Shockey got injured this past season.

So we will see, but if Shockey is happy and healthy, this could be a pretty good move for the team.

I forgot all about Football Monday in yesterday’s post, so I will take care of that today. Yesterday at the SEC Preseason Media Day meetings, the Preseason All-SEC Teams were announced and LSU was highly represented, leading all the SEC in total selections.

Below is the first team.

QB: Tim Tebow – Florida
RB: Knowshon Moreno – Georgia
RB: Arian Foster – Tennessee
WR: Percy Harvin- Florida
WR: Kenny McKinley – South Carolina
TE: Cornelius Ingram – Florida
OL: Andre Smith – Alabama
OL: Michael Oher – Ole Miss
OL: Anthony Parker – Tennessee
OL: Herman Johnson – LSU
OL: Jonathan Luigs – Arkansas

DL: Greg Hardy – Ole Miss
DL: SenDerrick Marks – Auburn
DL: Tyson Jackson – LSU
LB: Brandon Spikes – Florida
LB: Rico McCoy – Tennessee
LB: Darry Beckwith – LSU
LB: Dannell Ellerbe – Georgia
DB: Eric Berry – Tennessee
DB: Derek Pegues – Mississippi State
DB: Rashad Johnson – Alabama
DB: Captain Mannerlyn- South Carolina
DB: D.J. Moore – Vanderbilt

Special Teams:
PK: Colt David – LSU
P: Ryan Shoemaker – Auburn
RS: Brandon James – Florida

To see the second and third teams, click here

It’s time to begin a new list, ladies and gents, and I think this one might be the most popular yet.

Today, we begin breaking down the top 10 pound-for-pound best MMA fighters on the planet. Special assist to my boy and our MMA guy, Cody for a hand on this list.

No. 10 MMA fighter on the planet – Lyoto Machida – UFC Light Heavyweight

Machida makes the list in the final spot on our list thanks in part to his dominating win against Tito Ortiz earlier in the summer.

But Machida’s resume is also stuffed full with wins over B.J. Penn in 2005 and Rich Franklin in 2003, so Machida’s undefeated record has been challenged by the best in the sport.

Look for big things out of one of the UFC’s budding stars as 2008 ends and 2009 nears.

No. 9 on our list tomorrow.


Wie will again play on PGA Tour – I am real, real tired of this woman. Michelle and I have a lot in common. We’re both college students. We both haven’t won anything of significance on any level of professional golf. And we both do not belong on the PGA Tour. Why don’t you win one . . . Just one LPGA event before you try to roll with the boys.

Bush gives US Olympians send off – I am very, very revved up for these Games. Here’s to hoping the USA dominates and wins many-a gold medals.

Jones seeks commutation from Bush
– When Jones was found guilty of check-fraud, she got on television and said she wanted to be treated the same as “any other criminal” would be in her situation. Well, Ms. Jones, “any other criminal” not with your celebrity would have to suck it up and finish out his/her sentence, so I hope President Bush does the same.


YouTube Video of the Day:

Fans of “The Dragon” will love this one.



That’s all for me today. Have a fabulous day.

P.S. Day 1 of our fundraising went way better than I could have ever imagined. I have some special thank-you’s to hand down, but I will wait and do them all together in a post one day.

If you would like to help, either email me or comment and we will discuss what is going down.

Thanks again, guys!

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