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For the second time this week, the big news of the day comes from the hometown NFL team as the Saints announced today that they have agreed to terms with Pro Bowl wide receiver Marquis Colston on a three-year contract extension.

The extension ties down the Saints young and fabulous receiver for three extra seasons and also avoids what had the makings of a potentially ugly contract situation in the future as the dominant receiver was still making late-round money but giving first-round production.

All-in-all, this is arguably the best move the Saints have made all offseason. It is no surprise Colston would be loyal to the only team to give him a chance to play in the NFL, but it is still great on the Saints’ part to cool the situation before things got heated in the future.

So all-in-all, a great first day of camp for the Saints.

Les Miles took the podium today at the SEC Preseason Media Day press conferences and talked for more than a half hour about the Tigers’ season.

You can find the full transcript at, but I have pulled some of what I feel to be some of Miles’ most memorable and telling quotes of the day.

On if the team has added pressure from being the defending national champions:
“The ’08 is where we’re at. We’re not defending. We’re not dealing with rankings. This is a brand new year. If we’re defending, come see the trophy, it’s in our trophy case. We’re not defending it; it’s there. We got a brand new team.”

On the team’s quarterback play:

“I think Jarrett Lee, Andrew Hatch, both guys had good springs. Both guys are learning the offense. They had an entire summer of study where the receiving core, gathered them, ran the passing that we run, really helped identify to our quarterbacks where they’re gonna be. I think they’ve made good progress through the summer. I’m not going to go by Jordan Jefferson, a true freshman, a guy who will may have to play. We have three quarterbacks on campus that have grant and aids.”

On the team’s offensive line:

“ It has to be a big, strong advantage for us. I want it to be one of the more physical lines in the country.”

On the team’s situation at punter:
“Brady Dalfrey will be the new punter, it appears. Has had a great summer. He will develop as two-a-days come on.”

On returning to the Swamp to play Florida:

“If I had to look back on the last three years, maybe the game that we played, you know, not well was the Florida game. I just want to go back to Florida and say, Okay, let’s play well.”

On dismissing Ryan Perrilloux:

“First of all, any time you get rid of a student athlete, it’s not something that you enjoy. You don’t look necessarily at the real positives. I certainly wish him the very best and hope that he takes this lesson and goes on.”

Much more at

I recognize today is Football Thursday, but I will hold off on my linebacker preview until tomorrow because our top two stories of the day were both from the gridiron.

It’s time to get into the Elite Eight in our quest to find the best pound-for-pound Mixed Martial Artist.

Yesterday, we went on a Rampage and tackled Rampage Jackson. Today we go old-school and roll with the Natural.

No. 8 best pound-for-pound MMA fighter: Randy Couture

Couture has been in the UFC since the old-fashioned tournament days, winning the UFC 13 heavyweight tournament in 1997.

In his decade-long career, the natural has reached the summit of the heavyweight division twice and also the peak of the light heavyweight division, before retiring a year ago after picking apart Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74.

At 45, Couture has only a few fights left in his tank. But the same people who consider the Natural to be over the hill are the same folks who lost their money two years ago when the Natural ripped Tim Sylvia limb from limb to regain the UFC heavyweight championship.

It is unknown if Couture will ever get his current contract dispute with the UFC worked out, but the veteran still has many pay per view cards to headline should he choose to do so.

No. 7 tomorrow.


Goodell watching Favre situation – Ah, yes, Roger Goodell. An expert at sticking his nose into places it doesn’t belong. Let’s see, with Adam Jones not in trouble and Chris Henry found not guilty, there is no one for Goodell to wrongfully assume to be guilty before their trials, so he sticks his nose in another place it does not belong.

Hester skips Bears camp in holdout – The Bears better get this right fast, because Hester is their everything on offense and special teams. Without him, they better hope the defense can put a lot of points on the board.

Sabathia 4-0 after 3-hitter – Wow, has CC been ridiculous or what? Is it possible that he can win the Cy Young? If he stays this hot and wins 10-11 games in the NL, he has to be considered.


YouTube Video of the Day:

This is simple and straight forward.

Is your blood pumping yet?


That’s all for me today, folks. Have a great Thursday!

P.S. We are only around $75 or so short of our goal and are nearly able to purchase our software. Special thanks goes out to those who have helped. I can not tell you how much you’re helping and how much it means to the Sports Palace.

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