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Okay, so a week or so back, I wrote a long opinion article on my feelings about guys like James Posey, who was then in contract negotiations with his current team the New Orleans Hornets, and their journeymen like careers, playing for the highest bidder each year in order to rack up as many rings as possible without forming a bond with the fans in a single city they play in.

Well, in a strange twist, there’s a new bidder in town for role players like Posey, and he doesn’t just offer deals for MLE (Mid Level Exception) guys.

Enter European professional basketball.

As if the NBA free agent market wasn’t unpredictable enough, it just got more interesting with the recent signing of former Atlanta Hawks swingman Josh Childress to Euroleague powerhouse Olympiacos.

Yes, Josh Childress who was the drafted 6th overall in 2004 .

Yes, Josh Childress who was the 6th man on an Atlanta Hawks team who took the eventual NBA Champion Boston Celtics to seven games this year.

Yes, Josh Childress who is going on only his 4th year in the NBA, but has already developed into quite a important role player.

Yes, that guy just left the NBA for the Euroleague. Well, not just the Euroleague, but the Euroleague, the beautiful women of Greece, and an unprecedented 20 million dollar contract.

Wow. 20 million dollars after taxes. A three year deal, so roughly 6.5 million dollars a deal. All this for a guy who doesn’t even start. However, he’s exactly what the European teams are trying to attract; he’s young, tall, and extremely athletic, a rarity in the Euroleague.

While this may only seem like a minor loss in the eyes of the league, it can be looked as the beginning of something that potentially may be a big problem.

In the summer of 2010, the free agent will be buzzing louder than maybe ever before. Why? Because the heir to the basketball throne, LeBron James will be a free agent, should he not renegotiate with Cleveland between now and then, a move that most do not see him making, considering the favorable amount of attention he is getting from both the New York Knicks, and the now-New Jersey-but soon to be if Jay Z has any say-Brooklyn Nets. Now we all know LeBron is from Ohio, but it’s also well documented that he and Mr. Carter (Jay Z’s government name) have a very friendly relationship. Many think he will bolt for the big lights of NYC come 2010.

But imagine this. James, whose made it very well known he wants to be a billionaire, may have a new suitor in the form of any one of the Euroleague clubs. If a club can afford to give Josh Childress $20 million over three years, imagine the bidding war for James.

$75 million over two years?  $250 million over 4 years?  I know it seems crazy now, but this may soon be a reality. I’m not 100% positive, but I don’t think the Euroleague has a salary cap it must follow. Could you imagine the game’s youngest, most talented player, jumping ship and leaving the NBA for the one thing it can’t give him, more money?

If you don’t believe the Europeans won’t shell out for the goods, think again. In 2007, rap sensation 50 Cent went on a European tour that spanned nearly two months. His nightly salary? Anywhere between $500,000 to $1 million dollars a night. Yes, I said nightly, and yes, I said 1 million.

His average show fee in America?

Roughly $100,000.

Even current “best rapper alive” Louisiana native Lil Wayne went on his 1st European tour earlier this year. When asked about why he finally decided to cross the pond to headline his own tour and do promotion in Europe, he simply responded, “Money.”

So if they’re going to shell out big money to see a guy perform once, what makes you think they won’t shell out more to see someone who might the greatest performer of his craft for a year?

You don’t have to answer that. No, not you.

Well, not unless your name is David Stern.

Stern’s dream to have players from the NATIONAL (see definition of national) Basketball Association play home and away games in other countries might come true.

Problem is, they might not be playing for the NBA anymore.

Hey folks. I apologize for a late update on Sunday. I had the entire thing completed in time to get it up in its usual time, but a weather-caused power outage caused me to get it out way late.

Anywho, I got a lot to say today, so let’s get the party started.

Today is Football Monday, so without a lack of a headline story on the table, let’s get cranking. In the past Monday’s, I have broken down the top quarterback and running back depth charts throughout the SEC. But today, I will switch gears a little bit. In the spirit of the preseason, I will give you teams 25-15 in my preseason Top 25 and also give you my predictions for two NFL divisions.

Preseason 25-15:

25. Alabama – Big recruiting = big strides in year two for Saban’s Tide
24. Penn State – Joe Pa looks to make a run in the Big 10 in what will be his last season
23. Pitt – Only LSU ended their season on a higher note than Pitt did
22. Oregon – A lot of talent gone from last year, but stockpile is deep
21. Wake Forest – This team just wins
20. South Carolina – I just think this is the year the Cocks break out
19. Texas Tech – Some people have them far, far higher, but we’ll believe it when we see it
18. South Florida – Slowing becoming the most established program in Florida
17. Illinois – Most athletic offensive team in the country
16. Tennessee – Sleepers to win the Eastern Division
15. BYU – Could go undefeated and then get bulldozed in a BCS game

Now for the NFL stuff. Here are my picks in the AFC East and AFC South:

AFC East:

1. Patriots – Too much Brady, too little competition. Projected record: 13-3
2. Jets – I put them second because they may get Favre. Without him, they’re behind Buffalo. Projected Record: From 10-6 to 6-10 depends on Favre situation
3. Bills – An upstart in the NFL but not enough talent yet. Projected record: 7-9
4. Dolphins – Cowboys with Parcells = 9-7. Cowboys without Parcells = 13-3. ‘Nuff said. Projected record: 3-13

AFC South:
1. Jaguars – Yes, the Jaguars. Restocked wide outs put the Jaguars over the top of the aging Colts. Projected record: 12-4
2. Colts – Manning injury woes and Harrison health problems put the Colts in second. Projected record: 11-5
3. Texans – Could this be the year they finally make the playoffs? Projected record: 8-8
4. Titans – Will this team ever get Vince Young some help? Projected record: 7-9

We’ll keep this going later in the week.

The big story outside of Green Bay today was that Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez said prior to the team’s 9-2 romp of the Yankees that he would welcome a trade out of Boston if the situation presented itself at the trade deadline.

I am a fan of the Sox, but it’s probably time for Manny to go. He is one of the greatest hitters of my generation and he has two World Series rings, but he is at an age, 34, where he is beginning to have problems putting his money where his mouth is on the diamond. I think the Sox should sell him away while he still has value, because I see him taking a major drop in the coming years.
If something breaks, I’ll be all over it. The baseball trade deadline is one of my favorite days of the year.

Chances Manny actually moves:
7 percent

I’ll give more percentages tomorrow for some of the other big names on the market.

After a day off from the MMA list, let’s hope back to it. Today we get into the Top Five and we are really starting to tackle the cream of the crop in the MMA world. Today’s man is currently wearing UFC gold and could be as high as No. 1 on someone’s list depending on who you talk to.

But we have this man at No. 5 for the time being.

No. 5 pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world: Georges St. Pierre

I watched GSP get destroyed a little more than a year ago with my own two eyes by Matt Serra in Houston, dropping St. Pierre from the ranks of UFC’s elites and having some questioning whether the UFC Welterweight Champion was as dominant as some originally thought.

But 15 months later and with wins against Josh Koscheck, Matt Hughes and Serra now under his belt, there is not much doubt who the best Welterweight in the world is.

Next up for GSP will be arguably his biggest challenge of his career: An August 9 meeting between the champion and contender Jon Fitch, who comes into the fight red-hot with a smoking 15 fight winning streak.

No. 4 comes your way tomorrow.


Favre a no-show at camp for now – Will this ever just go away?

Nadal wins fifth straight tournament – Nadal is hands-down the best player in the world. Federer you say? Bounced in the third round of this same event.

Johnson wins at Indy – I actually watched this race with intention of writing about it upon request from a contributing member. Good race in all. But can someone in the know more about the sport tell me how to fix the tire issues on this track? It would be sad to see one of the sport’s stars lost in an accident because of a tire.

YouTube Video of the Day:

This is a few days old, but wow. Just wow.


That’s all for me.

Have a great Monday!

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has dropped the ball again. After saying on the air that former LSU standout Glenn Dorsey was the Top 10 pick most likely to have an extended holdout, Dorsey busted ole Mort’s bubble yesterday, inking a five year deal with the Chiefs worth more than $50 million.

Rarely in today’s age of sports is an athlete actually worth the money, but Dorsey is a million dollar prospect both on and off the field.

On the field, Dorsey is the last person to leave practice and the first player to arrive while dumping his heart and soul into every play. Off the field, Dorsey is just as valuable as he is hands down one of the most approachable and personable of all of LSU’s players from this past season.

I am happy for Glenn and his family. For those of you who watch the NFL but do not religiously cheer for a certain squad, keep an eye on the Chiefs as they also have former LSU standout Dwayne Bowe who had a terrific rookie season in 2007.

It’s always good to see LSU guys do well, especially when they are like Glenn and deserve to do well, so Geaux Chiefs!

Yesterday I gave to you the writer’s predictions for the SEC this season. Today, it’s my turn.

I see the SEC West as a mess. I see Auburn, LSU and Alabama all as near equals with Mississippi State nipping at the big three’s heels. LSU is the most talented top-to-bottom of the three squads, but the old saying is that if you have two quarterbacks, then you really do not have any quarterbacks, so their position at the top to me is a bit rusty. Here is my breakdown for the 2008 season out west.

1. Auburn – LSU has a better team by year’s end, but not in Week 4 when they play.
2. LSU – Hatch and Lee = Marcus Randall. Marcus Randall = subpar season (by LSU’s standards) in 2004
3. Alabama – Just not enough depth yet
4. Mississippi State – Can beat any of 1-3 on any given Saturday
5. Ole Miss – Helpless
6. Arkansas – Even more helpless. No McFadden + No Jones = possible 0-8 SEC record

The East is extremely top heavy and is probably the tougher of the two leagues on paper with Florida, Georgia and Tennessee all arguably as strong as any Western Division team. For an Eastern Division pick, I am rolling with Mr. Tebow and Co.

1. Florida – Florida and Georgia are a dead-tie. But I like the Gators over the Dawgs in their head-to-head to avenge Georgia’s classless antics in this past season’s matchup.
2. Georgia – Will tie the Gators in the league, but lose the tiebreaker via head-to-head.
3. South Carolina – This is the year we see major strides from the ole ball coach
4. Tennessee – Could a fourth place finish spell the end for Fulmer?
5. Vanderbilt – Helpless
6. Kentucky – Bye Bye Woodson = Bye Bye relevance.

SEC Champ: Florida – Too much Tebow and Harvin. This is the year the Gators again win the SEC.

I will put off the MMA list for a day because time dictates I keep this update a little shorter than usual, so let’s get straight to headlines.


Margarito beats Cotto by knockout – Wow, what a fight. Few fights live up to the billing, but this one definitely did. It’s high time Margarito gets the dap he does worldwide, because that dude can fight.;_ylt=AiFPhb7UZcSVScxHXctk0Y2dCIh4?slug=ap-cotto-margarito&prov=ap&type=lgns

Phillies spoil Hampton’s return and win 10-9 – I flipped through the channels and saw Mike Hampton pitching. Is this true? Or was my Friday night really that hard on the liver?;_ylt=Ao9vIyY_m0nCz7InCBqe8hY5nYcB?gid=280726122&prov=ap

Brewers share NL Central lead – The Brewers are the best team in baseball right now. I doubted the Sabathia trade, but I seem to be wrong so far. They are playing great baseball.;_ylt=AtrJzHVG4xgihkMDqE16sOk5nYcB?gid=280726108&prov=ap

YouTube Video of the Day:

There will never be another Will Ferrell.

That’s all for me. I hope all of you are having good weekends.

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