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The trade deadline has blown through and there has been little action so far.

The only major move of the day has the Reds sending Ken Griffey, Jr. to the White Sox for prospects. Great move by the Sox who are in desperate need of offense in the outfield.

Jr. Griffey’s best day’s are probably behind him, but he can generate offense for the final two months of the season to help the Chi Sox.

Other trades:

LHP Arthur Rhodes to the Marlins

I will keep you updated on any more activity if a deal is announced following the deadline.


3:35 Update:

The first wave to reach the shore was a tsunami as we get word that Manny Ramirez has been traded to the Dodgers and Jason Bay has been traded to the Red Sox.

In exchange, the Pirates received a combination of four prospects from both the Sox and Dodgers.

The Dodgers have won the NL West today, in my eyes. And the Sox get a younger player who is just as productive as Manny. And most importantly: he wants to be in Boston.

If anything else breaks, I will keep you updated, but again:

Boston receives: Jason Bay

Dodgers receives: Manny Ramirez

Pirates receives: 4 prospects.

Today is one of my favorite days in all of sports — MLB Trade Deadline Day.

I gave you a list of sellers in the NL two days ago. Today, I will give you a list of the AL sellers as well as some of the juiciest gossip as we get closer to the deadline.

AL East:

Toronto Blue Jays: The Jays have a respectable record and a talented roster. Expect the 54-54 Jays to sell a few pieces to help make another run next season.

Players most likely to be traded:
Scott Downs
A.J. Burnett
David Eckstein

Baltimore Orioles – The O’s are in virtually the same boat as the Jays. Good, young roster. But they have expendable pieces that could be sold to help build the future.

Players most likely to be traded
Kevin Millar
Luke Scott
Jeremy Guthrie

AL Central:

Kansas City Royals – The Royals have made tremendous strides this year and have won four games in a row current to July 30. But they have what teams want: corner outfielders and veteran bullpen pitchers.

Players most likely to be traded:
Jose Guillen
Horacio Ramirez
Ron Mahay

Cleveland Indians – The Indians have sold already, dumping Casey Blake and CC Sabathia. But for a team that is going nowhere fast, they can unload more today.

Players most likely to be traded:
David Dellucci
Juan Rincon
Paul Byrd

AL West:

Seattle Mariners – Before I get to the M’s, I want to mention that the A’s technically are sellers in this division also, but they have sold all their chips and I do not expect them to make any moves prior to the deadline. But to the Mariners, they are a huge mess. With a fired manager and GM already in this season, expect fire sale time if teams want their players.

Players most likely to be traded:
Jarrod Washburn
Arthur Rhodes
Raul Ibanez

That’s it for my list of sellers, but now, let’s talk about a little gossip and give some percentages on guys being moved.

The juicy story is about Manny Ramirez as ESPN’s Peter Gammons is reporting that the Red Sox are ready to dump their disgruntled outfielder to the Marlins for a slew of young players.

I am a casual fan of the Red Sox and I have always been a fan of Manny, but enough may be enough in this situation and it’s going to be a sad end to a great run if Ramirez is moved, but it appears inevitable.

For the Marlins, they would be getting an A-List slugger for the stretch run to help them stay in the race for the long haul with the Mets and Phillies in the NL East.

Chances this gets done: 55-45 – I know Manny has been rumored to go many-a-times in his career, but I think it’s legit this time and I really believe last night will be his final game as a Red Sox.

Other big names on the block:

Jason Bay : 25-75 – The Pirates seem content to keep Bay for the future and with good reason. He is, afterall hitting .280 with 22 dingers on the season with a .900 OPS.

Greg Maddux: 65-35 – The Padres have no use for him anymore this season. But Maddux only wants to stay on the West Coast, so the question is: Do the Angels, Dodgers and Diamondbacks have use for him? You can never have enough experienced arms in the playoffs and someone will pick him up.

Will Ohman: 90-10 – Every team wants a left-handed reliever at the deadline and Ohman has been the best of the bunch this year for the Braves with a 3-0 record and 2.84 ERA in 55 appearances for the Braves. The most impressive stat: .160 average against lefties.

I will give you a complete list of trades tomorrow as they happen.

Our college football game has been a hit so far, so let’s keep it rolling. According to my picks, right now, the standings are as follows.


South Carolina: 2-0 (1-0)
Georgia: 2-0
Florida: 2-0
Kentucky: 1-1
Tennessee: 1-1
Vandy: 0-2 (0-1)

LSU 2-0
Auburn 2-0
Mississippi State: 2-0
Ole Miss: 1-1
Alabama: 1-1
Arkansas: 1-1

Let’s dive into Game three.

Game of the Week:
Florida 34 Tennessee 17 — Too much Tebow, not enough Tennessee offense in this game. Meyer and Co. steal one on the road in game three.
Upset of the Week:
Mississippi State 24 Auburn 20 – The Tigers will be looking forward to their much anticipated matchup with LSU next week and will be tripped up by a talented Mississippi State team in Starkville.

Blowout of the Week:
LSU 55 North Texas 3 – LSU will be hungry to make a statement against a poor North Texas squad just seven days before their matchup with the Plainsmen.

Other Scores:
Georgia 31 South Carolina 20
Kentucky 37 Middle Tennessee 10
Vanderbilt 24 Rice 13
Alabama 52 Western Kentucky 7
Arkansas 14 Texas 37
Ole Miss 48 Samford 6

Our MMA list has been fun and we have two fighters left. What makes lists like these so fun is the level of debate and discussion that can be brought into these lists, because with the 10 best fighters in the world, you really can not go wrong with any of these fighters.

Today’s guy is one of the stars of the sport and at 29 years of age, he figures to continue to be a star in the sport for the next decade.

No. 2 pound-for-pound best MMA fighter in the world: BJ Penn – Penn may not be the best. He may not be the most dominant, but he has fought in four different weight classes and has been the UFC champion of two classes and that versatility puts him in the upper echelon of the sport.

Currently the UFC Lightweight Champion, Penn dismantled challenger Sean Sherk in May to retain his title.

What’s next for Penn? The winner of GSP and Fitch on December 27.

Our number one fighter tomorrow. It is not hard to guess who that will be if you are a fan of the sport.


Beijing air pollution index improves – Why do I get the feeling these Olympics will show just how much of a Mickey Mouse Operation China has for a country? I just have the feeling it will be a circus.

Bulls give Deng 6 years, $80M – Probably a little overpaid. No, never mind, probably a lot overpaid. Deng averages 17 points and six boards a game. How many NBA players average 17 points per game, you ask? Try 50. Guys like Deng are a dime a dozen.

Saints top pick Ellis joins camp
– It’s about time, rookie. Let’s hope missing a week of practice does not hurt the rookie DT.


YouTube Video of the Day:

There is only one Al Bundy.


That’s all for me today. Have a beautiful Thursday.

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