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LSU continued to nudge itself closer to the team’s opening game with Appy State on Thursday with another two rounds of practice with the veterans going in the morning and the freshmen in the afternoon.

The upperclassmen had what I consider to be their best day of all so far as the offense looked sharp and the defense was flying to the ball.

One major area of emphasis the team is working heavily on is both executing and defending swing passes.

On the offensive side of the ball, Andrew Hatch appears better at putting the proper touch on the short passes, whereas Jarrett Lee has shown problems at times throwing with the correct velocity on the short passes.

On defense, LSU is turnover hungry and has worked frantically on throwing their hands in the air when a pass is thrown in hopes of creating an interception and has also worked on stripping the football.

With what figures to be a struggling offense at the beginning of the season, LSU wants to maximize the number of possessions they have, while maybe even stealing a touchdown or two on defense to help take pressure off the LSU quarterbacks.

The MVP of the day for me was Joe Barksdale. This kid has made strides and figures to be an absolute beast on the front line for the Tigers this season. As a whole, the LSU offensive line unit has exceeded its lofty expectations have done a terrific job thus far holding off what is also a dominant group, the LSU defensive line.

That is actually all for me as I had a very busy day moving back to Baton Rouge and such. I will keep you guys updated better tomorrow after Media Day.


Favre watches Jets win preseason opener – I did not do individual stories like I normally do, but I will use the headlines to voice my opinions on the major stories of the day. Favre is indeed a Jet. The Packers’ chances to win the NFC are indeed done and the Jets still probably will stink. For Green Bay, the deal is a winner. They dump Favre where he can be lost and never heard from again in Green Bay, while also dealing him to a team where he is almost sure to fail, giving Green Bay the chance to look like heroes in this deal.

Packers = 9-7 at best

Jets = 10-6 no playoffs

Saints win preseason opener against Cards – The Saints looked pretty good. They still have some big-time secondary issues, but they showed an ability to get to the quarterback a lot better than what I’d seen in the past. It is preseason and it is the Cardinals, so be weary, but they passed the first test. How about Meachem? Kid seems like he might be able to play after all. I hope so.

Singh and Karlsson lead PGAs– Not Vijay, Jeev Milkha leads the PGAs. I bombed on my picks so far. But it’s early and we can still make a rally.

YouTube Video of the Day:

That’s all for me. Sorry I was short. I had a lonnnnnnng day. 🙂