Yup, you guessed it, it’s a post about the end of the world.

No, actually this entire write up will be about the Olympic Games starting in Beijing (well, they are ahead a couple hours, so it’s already started).

In the past week or so leading up to the Olympics, I must admit, my feelings have been all over the place.

Being an adopted son of Korea here in the USA, along with my former athletic prowess, I used to wonder what I would do if I were ever in the position to compete in the Olympics.

Would I represent the country that I have called home for 94.5% of my entire life or would I do like so many, and run back to my place of birth to wave the South Korean flag proudly? Truth is, up until a few days ago, I wasn’t really sure.

I think it might have been Tuesday or maybe Wednesday of this week, but as I was scanning ESPN, I caught the mini-series Road to Redemption, the reality show that has been following Team USA Men’s Basketball in their quest to redeem their poor showing in the last Olympics. As I was watching that show,  I think it was at that moment…

No, no, no, that wasn’t it. As much as I will be cheering for our boys in Red, White, and Blue, that’s not what convinced me of where my alliance truly rest.

EDIT: As I was writing this article, the following commercial played on the TV. I sat and watched in awe for the next 2 and a half minutes, goosebumps on my arms and neck, and realized I need not write anymore. Any feelings I would try and put in words had been summed up.