The LSU football team inched closer and closer to the season opener yesterday and did so without many key players as Darry Beckwith, Charles Alexander and Jarrett Lee were among the walking wounded.

Although none of the injuries are expected to be serious, you’d like to have a full roster in place if possible to develop some chemistry while also being able to fill out the depth chart as accurately as possible.

The big news of the day off the field is that former East St. John standout Stefoin Francois has not been with the team for the past few practices and may be facing disciplinary action from LSU coach Les Miles.

The loss of Francois for this season would mostly mean just a depth issue, but for the future, Francois was figured to be a starter. If this materializes into a major issue, he will be another in a long line of East St. John players who will have had all of the potential in the world while not turning into much at the bigger levels.

Let’s hope this issues cleans itself up and the young man is allowed to return to the field soon.

On the field, the Tigers practiced and practiced relatively well despite sloppy conditions. Jordan Jefferson continued to take second team reps in the place of Jarrett Lee with Andrew Hatch working mostly with the 1’s.

On offense, Richard Murphy looked like a true standout. Murphy is the most hot-or-cold, hit-or-miss prospect in the LSU backfield. When he’s on, he’s hands-down the best of the bunch. But when he’s off, he is pretty bad. Today was one of his hot days and he was smoking.

Utility linebacker Jacob Cutrera was my standout on defense as I did not even notice Darry Beckwith on the sidelines until it was mentioned to me. Cutrera will be one of LSU’s most valuable players this season. People will never give him the due he deserves because he will not start any games unless injury strikes. But without him, the Tigers would have major depth issues, because he is the main backup at each backer position.

The LSU punters have looked much better and have hung the ball up in the air much more consistently than in the spring. There is no Patrick Fisher on the roster, but LSU can have a 38-42 net average if things unfold well.

Not very many true freshmen will see the field for LSU this year as a lot of them have been buried in practice. With great depth comes great patience and a lot of these kids will have to wait their turn.

Patrick Peterson, Drew Alleman and Jordan Jefferson are the only ones off the top of my head who I see playing a significant role on the squad this season with the other non-redshirts playing mostly on teams.


My pick’em game has come and gone and Florida, Georgia and South Carolina tied atop the Eastern Division with LSU prevailing in the Western Division. I am not going to go into detail enough to actually determine the tiebreakers, so I will play out all three games.

LSU 21

South Carolina 10

Florida 34

LSU 20

Georgia 24

LSU 20

That’s how I see it. And we’ll see how things unfold as the season shapes up.


Top 10:

There’s 2 guys left on my Top 10 list and we have both a runningback and another quarterback to visit with. It’s an issue today of whether to go with the most dominant player or the most successful player.

Football is a game of “win, win, win,” so for that, we’ll go with the wins at No. 1.

No. 2 player: LaDainian Tomlinson – Tomlinson may be the single most dominant player in all of the NFL, serving as the NFL’s “Wildhog” in that he is a threat to run and pass near the end zone.

Tomlinson has been a force since Day 1 out of TCU, having accumulated more than 10,000 yards and 100 touchdowns in his career to this point.

The only knock so far on Tomlinson is he has not won the Superbowl yet. But if he keeps doing his thing, he will be tasting gold before long.

Number one comes tomorrow.



Phelps now winningest Olympian ever – 11 career Golds. Five this Olympics. This kid is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Sox win 19-17 in marathon – On the same day the Red Sox got Paul Byrd, they blew a 10-run first inning lead before rallying to beat the Rangers 19-17. Byrd will be a great fit for the Sox. He can’t do any worse.

China wins team gymnastics gold on women’s side – This makes me sick. Absolutely sick. Not that the USA lost. But that they lost to cheaters. The Olympic age limit is 16. There are women on China’s roster who are 10 at the most. It’s pathetic. With everything that is tested for at these games, there should be a way to fix this. It’s the worst keep secret of all-time.

YouTube Video of the Day:

Happy Madden Day, boys and girls!

Have a good day. I have much Madden to play. 🙂

God Bless!