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Short update today.

The LSU football team practiced again Thursday and again the team continues to make small preparations to prepare for the opener against Appalachian State on Aug 30 in Tiger Stadium.

What I mean by small preparations is that for the first time, it appears as though LSU is preparing for its opponent, whereas before they were just doing their own thing and working on their own strengths and weaknesses.

For the first time the past few days, the Tigers have been working a little bit on some spread offensive looks, which will be the primary offense the team will see in each of the first four games of the season.

At quarterback, Jordan Jefferson continues to look pretty good, but Hatch remains the leader with Jarrett Lee lagging behind. I will say that Jefferson is closer to catching Lee than Lee is to catching Hatch.

LSU better hope Richard Dickson stays healthy, because the reserve tight ends have been less than impressive. LSU literally has 5-6 guys vying to fill that role and they are all virtually the exact same player just in different uniforms.

One player who I mentioned a few days ago, but who is continuing to impress is Drake Nevis. He gets lost in the LSU pool of five-stars on the front seven, but this kid can flat play and will be an impact player when given a chance to play.

I get asked a lot about Danny McCray and how he fits into LSU’s plans this year. McCray played quit a bit this past season and was not the most popular Tiger as he was often on an island getting beat on pass plays. I can tell you Danny has seemed to slim down a tad this fall and should be a solid contributor in the secondary this season.

LSU scrimmages tomorrow and if I can get any info on that, I’ll give it to you guys in Sunday’s update.


Daily Dime:

So I decided I’d make my betting segment “the Daily Dime” and in day one, here is how I did.

Sure thing of the day: 1-0: It’s easy to bet against the Astros and succeed.

Upset of the day: 0-1: That Cliff Lee is some kind of pitcher.

Here is today’s picks.

Sure thing of the day:

Phillies -144 vs. Padres – The Phils offense does not get held down very often and they only scored 1 run yesterday (and still won). With Chad Reineke making his first start of the year for the Padres against Kyle Kendrick, I expect the Phils to romp.

Upset of the day:

Rockies +120 vs. Nationals – Sure, Livan Hernandez hasn’t gotten anyone out in the past 2-3 years. But let’s face it, the Nationals shouldn’t be favored against anyone . . . EVER. Go with the Rockies in this one.


No Top 10 today, so let’s go straight to headlines.


Dramatic win gives Phelps 7th gold – Phelps pushed this one to the limit, going down all the way to the last stroke, literally, winning by one one-hundredth of a second. Phelps goes for gold #8 tomorrow. Geaux Get ‘Em Michael.

Webb wins 18th to end Astros streak – I talked about this a little bit above, but man, this Brandon Webb is some kind of pitcher. I am all on the Sabathia for Cy Young bandwagon, but Webb certainly has his own case as well.

Hornets’ Pargo signs with Russian team – Good riddance. It was clear from Day 1 that Pargo was only interested in green bags, so good luck in Russia. Here’s to you never making another NBA roster again.


YouTube Video of the Day:

This is random, but hell, this will never get old. Especially not to a wrestling fan like me.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

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