The soap opera that has been the competition between LSU quarterbacks Andrew Hatch and Jarrett Lee took another twist as Hatch missed most of Saturday’s scrimmage with a stiff back and Lee played fairly well, pushing him potentially back into the race to be the team’s starter two weeks from now against Appalachian State.

I was the first person to report that Hatch would be the LSU starter, but obviously if he is not 100 percent healthy, that changes things a lot and although I still fully expect Hatch to be #1 on Aug 30, the race is closer now than it was 23 hours ago.

The scrimmage was closed, so all that I am giving is hear-say. So take all of this for what it’s worth.

1. Hatch is fine and will be back in a day or two.

2. Les Miles said “Keiland Williams is not in the doghouse” following the scrimmage, and he may not be. He just isn’t close to being LSU’s best back right now. Fans expecting to see him a lot this year will probably be disappointed.

3. Colt David did not miss a kick . . . at all.

4. Jordan Jefferson looked pretty good, but he also showed his age a couple of times. Jefferson has proven himself so far in camp to be easily LSU’s best runner of all the QBs, however.

5. Patrick Peterson will be a lights-out player for LSU THIS season. This kid has unreal talent.

6. Brandon LaFell had a nice day and it is very possible he can have the best season of all of LSU’s wide outs if he plays his cards right. He is the best route runner of all the guys in the stable and was always open this past season. He just had a problem catching the ball.

7. If you want to bet on an LSU back getting 1,000 yards this season, bet on Charles Scott. He is becoming a “Miles guy”.


In the NFL, the Saints played their second preseason game of the season and were defeated by the Texans in an Old Western Shootout.

Drew Brees was . . . Drew Brees and he was dominant, slicing and dicing the Texans secondary. But I’d be neglecting my duty to “call ’em like I see ’em” if I didn’t write at length about just how long of a season this will be for the Saints if they do not fix their secondary like right now.

Jason David is terrible. I’d rather see a 16-year old high school kid out there guarding receivers because, well, at least you expect them to be overmatched, unlike David who you expect to be a “pro.”

The thing that bugs me the most is not that he stinks. That is not up to him, moreso than it is up to God who didn’t bless him with the tools he needs to be a dominant cornerback. The thing that bugs me the most is that he is still relied upon to be a starter.

What will it take for Payton and Co. to realize they made a mistake signing this kid and simply moving on? I understand loyalty. And I dig it to an extent, but geez. After a 7-9 season when opponents’ QBs had an average QB rating of 90+ on you, you’d think they’d have learned their lesson. I guess not.

It’s a crying shame, too, because boy, that offense looks good. Brees is firing on all cylinders and if they ever realize that Pierre Thomas is their best running back and not Deuce or Bush, they can be the most prominent offense in the NFL.

But until the secondary is band-aided up, 9-7 is the best we can expect.


In Olympic news, Michael Phelps proved me and a lot of other people in the world wrong last night and won his record 8th gold medal Saturday.

Is this Phelps kid sick or what? He already has 14 career gold medals and is still a young man in swimming age.

Will he stay focused and win 20, 25, 30 career golds? Or will he turn Hollywood and focus less on his day job and more on publicity opportunities? We’ll see. Either way, this kid is amazing.

The Redeem Team also remained unbeaten Saturday, kicking the snot out of the so-called “second-best” Spain, 119-82, and it is becoming eerily clear with each passing day that the world hasn’t caught up a tad when America brings it’s biggest fish to the tank.

The Americans take on Germany tomorrow morning before beginning the medal round later in the week and I will go ahead and say it: No one will stay inside of 20 against this team.


Daily Dime:

Another day, another split for me as the Phillies got trounced in my sure thing and the Rockies crushed the Nats in my upset pick. (I told you the Nats should never be favored)

So here it is so far:

Sure things: 1-1

Upsets: 1-1

Total: 2-2

Here is today’s picks. Goodluck!

Sure thing of the day:

Angels -155 vs. Indians – 14-5 Joe Saunders goes for the Angels, while the Indians run out there a guy with an ERA near 6. Enough said. Take the Angels.

Upset of the day:

Blue Jays +195 vs. Red Sox – Sure, to win this one, you’ll have to beat Josh Beckett. But Shaun Marcum (7-5 3.42 ERA) is no slouch and for double to one odds, this is a risk worth taking.


Top 10 on hold again as it’s late. I promise I’ll be back at it tomorrow.


Georgia #1 in AP poll – The Dawgs are not college football’s best team. Not even the best team in the SEC East. Soon enough people will realize this.

Glavine out for season, possibly done forever– I hope Glavine can pitch in 2009. I’d hate to see his career end with him leaving the mound injured. That just isn’t right.

Williams sisters win gold in double – I am glad for them. These gals get a bad wrap for being “arrogant” or whatever, but I’ve always been a big fan.


YouTube Video of the Day:
The world is catching up my foot. You’ll never see a soft European player doing this.