The LSU football team had a much-needed day off yesterday as they are now inside of two weeks away from their season opener against Appalachian State on Aug 30.

With no practice report to give, I will again give a progress report. This time of the team’s offense, defense and special teams’ units as a whole so far in camp.


The LSU offense has been very hot and cold so far in camp. Some days they look razor sharp and dominate. But there are other days where you wonder where this team will go to get 350 yards in a game.

Believe it or not, one of the areas of the least concern to me is quarterback. I do not think LSU has a great quarterback on their roster. But I do think they have three very good quarterbacks and I feel Gary Crowton will mix and match well enough each week to get LSU by in that area.

The areas that concern me the most are receivers and running back. Yes, you heard me right. Receivers and running back.

I know the talent is plentiful and deep in both areas. But both areas have had major consistency problems thus far in camp. And I just think that things like drops and fumbles are contagious and can eat away at a team with a young QB, so I think those two areas can be troublesome for LSU if things do not get corrected.

The wide outs have shown the most promise in the recent days and have been lights-out in the past week, while the running backs had a few minor mishaps in Saturday’s scrimmage.

Regardless, I think they will get things straight behind the strength of an amazing-good offensive line.

Unit Grade: B-


The LSU defense is lights-out. Absolutely lights-out. D-Line is ferocious. The linebackers are talented and fast. The secondary is young and green, but is also talented and competitive.

The only worry co-coordinators Doug Mallory and Bradley Dale Peveto should have is depth. The LSU starting 11 is one of the best top-to-bottom in the country. But an injury to a linebacker or an injury to a corner can significantly change thing for the Tigers and severely limit the things LSU is capable of doing on that side of the ball.

But injuries are impossible to predict and for now LSU is healthy, so this is hands-down the strength of the team.

Unit Grade: A

Special Teams:

This is a tough one to grade as each of the aspects of special teams is so vastly different for LSU. The kicking game appears to be the strength as Colt David hasn’t missed virtually anything all of camp and has been lights-out.

The return game also will be tough to give a poor grade to as long as Trindon Holliday is back there for LSU, as he is a touchdown waiting to happen.

But the weaknesses will be the punting game and kick coverage teams. LSU has a punter who has never attempted a kick in his career at LSU in Brady Dalfrey. Although Dalfrey has looked good in camp, it’s yet to be seen how he will do with the pressure of 93,000 fans on him.

And the LSU return coverage teams were not very good this past season either. But LSU coach Les Miles has made it a point of emphasis to make sure more fast and athletic players are on the coverage teams this season, which should help out.

All-in-all, I think special teams will be pretty good, but not great.

Unit Grade: B-

More info once practice resumes tomorrow.

Daily Dime:

So I split the daily dime for the third straight day, hitting my upset with the Blue Jays over the Sox and whiffing on my sure thing with the Angels losing to the Indians.

So far I am:

3-3 Overall
1-2 on sure things
2-1 on upsets

Here is my picks for today.

Sure thing of the day:

Mets -142 vs. Pirates – It was very hard with a limited schedule to find a sure thing in the MLB, so let’s just go with the Mets and John Maine against a weak Pirates team who does not have Jason Bay or Xavier Nady anymore.

Upset of the day:

Astros + 240 vs. Brewers – Sure, CC Sabathia is nails. But the Stros have been playing well and should not be 2.4-1 underdogs against anyone. This is a safe risk that could pay off big.

Top 10:

I apologize for getting away from this for a few days. But I have been busy. Today, we will return to our NBA Top 10 list. Our 10th player was Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams. Today, we will take a trip to Texas and a multiple-time NBA Champion.

No. 9 Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan is so polarizing. Some people at home are whining right now asking why he is no higher on this list. While others at home are saying that he is overrated and shouldn’t be on the list at all.

The truth is that Duncan is one of the best power forwards of all-time and 2-3 years ago, he’d have been darn near No. 1 on this list.

But the big-man has slowed down quite a bit in the past few seasons and as a result, he drops to ninth on my list.

No. 8 comes tomorrow.


Nadal wins gold medal in men’s tennis – I repeat, bye-bye Roger. Rafael is now the man in control of the sport.

Bengals WR Johnson leaves game with shoulder injury – I am in no way saying Chad Johnson is faking this injury. But I am saying that Chad will be trouble all season for the Bengals and probably will not finish the season with them.
Edwards wins, closes in on Busch – So, my NASCAR friends. Will Busch hold on once the Chase starts? Or will someone dethrone him at the top?

YouTube Video of the Day:

I know this is old news, but I figured some of you hadn’t seen it yet. So I decided to post it.