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August is one of the best times of year, period. Because in August is when NFL fans really get into trash talking and defending their team. And think about it. With all the sports journalists and web sites out there, it’s hard not to take anyone’s arguments seriously anymore, because with every bozo saying the Raiders are going to win the AFC West this year, there is a so-called “expert” behind backing him up.

August is the only time of year where the Bills are a breakout season from Trent Edwards away from the playoffs. Where the Cardinals are finally going to unseat those aging Seahawks. Where Donovan McNabb is a pro bowl quarterback and his Eagles are poised for greatness. Where Eli Manning is just not good enough. Where the Lions ARE going 10-6. Where Norv Turner or Wade Phillips can actually win the big one. Where the Colts will finally lose the AFC South. Where everyone has the Patriots figured out. And, my favorite, where the Saints’ offense can carry there Jason David-led defense to the promise land.

Even I’m having trouble making myself believe that one this year.

Anyway, not trying to sound like one of those NBA commercials (Lord knows we loved ’em) from a year ago, but the NFL, particularly in August, is where hyping up your favorite team happens. And I can’t help but admit that I love it.

There are only a handful of NFL franchises whose fans can try to make every point for how there team can make the playoffs and thus be checked into a mental institution. But for the other 22-26 franchises, this is there time of year.

So, joining in with the times, I’d like to give my take on who were the most disappointing teams based on there hype from a year ago. And who I think will suffer that same fate this year.

Last Year:

  • Chicago Bears-I can’t say that this was a surprise to me, but the Bears were hyped up to be the representatives in the NFC in the Super Bowl again. They didn’t have much success and have a strong possibility to become the bottom feeders in the NFC North this year.
  • New Orleans Saints-The other sexy pick to win the NFC aside from Chicago and Dallas, the Saints got out the gates with an 0-4 start and it proved too much to overcome. Barring a change in there defensive scheme this year, it appears they’ll have another disappointing season despite having a top 3 offense in the NFL.
  • Baltimore Ravens-The Ravens had an impressive run in ’06-’07 but just couldn’t find the offense to get things going in 2008. The emergence of Cleveland as a power in the division along with the return to prominence from Pittsburgh assisted in there disappointment. The highlight of this team’s season was almost beating the Patriots. I rest my case.
  • New York Jets-The Jets had an impressive season under first year coach Eric Mangini, a la Sean Payton’s Saints. However, the glass slipper didn’t fit in ’07 as the Jets were a mess all season. The signing of Thomas Jones didn’t help, although he didn’t have a particularly bad year. The team overall struggled and it is my belief that Mangini’s inability to choose between Pennington or Clemons contributed to the cause. That, as we all know, will not be the case this year.


Honorable Mention: Dallas Cowboys(yes they had the best record in NFC but should have made a deeper run), Cincinatti Bengals.
And now, here are the four teams who I think will be on this list next year:
  • Pittsburgh Steelers-Pittsburgh still has a solid team. I just don’t see them winning the North. I would look for the Browns to make a run. Don’t sleep on the Ravens either. They’ve won without a quarterback before.
  • Philadelphia Eagles-The Eagles are always picked to do big things. I’m not even sure if they are a better team than the ‘Skins, which would put them at the bottom of the best division in football. McNabb’s chances are over with, and the Eagles will soon find that the Kevin Kolb era will make the McNabb era look like the Cowboys of the ’90’s.
  • Denver Broncos-Another team that is always projected to do well. But for this team it is because of their coach. However, I am just not a believer in Jay Cutler as a quarterback of a playoff team. Not now or ever. The running game will be there. Hell, I could go play running back in that scheme and get a solid 800-900 yards on a year (I’m 5’9″ at offensive linemen weight). I’m just truly not sold on Cutler leading them to the promise land. Not in a division with the Chargers and an upbeat Raiders squad and in a conference with New England, not to mention Indianapolis or Jacksonville has all but secured one of the wild cards.
  • Minnesota Vikings-This was a tough decision for me, but it kinda has the same thing to do with the Broncos. They got the defense. Although I don’t see Peterson staying healthy all year they got Chester Taylor as a very reliable backup. But I just don’t see them going anywhere with Tavaris Jackson at QB. It really is a shame because with an even average passer they’d be my Super Bowl representative in the NFC.
Honorable Mention: Dallas Cowboys(sorry Casey, like the roster, don’t trust the coach), Carolina Panthers
Well thats all for me, thank you for reading and have a great day. Up next will be my surprise predictions.
God Bless