LSU went through their final scrimmage before the season opener yesterday as bad weather forced LSU into the friendly confines of the beautiful Charles McClendon Indoor Practice Facility.

The scrimmage was 100 plays with 25 being special teams.

The big news coming out of the scrimmage was that Jarrett Lee was held out of the scrimmage with back spasms, which means true freshman Jordan Jefferson is the only of LSU’s three scholarship quarterbacks to start and finish all three scrimmages.

From what I hear, the scrimmage was physical and the LSU defense was flying to the ball. But I also was told that both Hatch and Jefferson seriously underperformed, which could spell trouble for LSU with just a week and a half left before the opener.

The numbers are not awful as they were a combined 16-30 with two touchdowns. But the problem lies in that they combined for just 150 yards.

With LSU having an inexperienced secondary as it is, I’d just have expected a few more yards than that.

Now, we can evaluate this and look at it one of two ways.

1. The LSU defensive backs are further along than we maybe thought before and they just played out the wazzoo. And this may well be the case as there are 3-4 corners fighting for 2 starting spots inside the secondary, so the competition is fierce.

2. But what I am hearing is just that both QB’s played very tentative and were overly cautious, which is not fully bad. But come SEC-time, it is not very good, either. LSU has too much talent on the edges to be imprisoned by 3 runs and a cloud of dust, so the Wizard, Gary Crowton has to find a way to give LSU a home run punch, because you can not hit nothing but bunt singles and expect to win in the SEC. We’ll see how it all plays out as now is still not the time to press the panic button. Yes, the season is 10 days away. But LSU’s first “real” game in my opinion is not until the fourth game of the season.

Not everything was doom and gloom as LSU coach Les Miles mentioned several guys as having big days, like my guy Drake Nevis, whom I told you all was having a monster camp a few weeks ago.

But the MVP of the day and the guy who will probably be the MVP of the season is Ricky Jean-Francois who had 7 tackles and 2 sacks. This kid will be a freak on the field and opposing quarterbacks will grip their teddy bears tightly all night Saturday night while having bad dreams of Jean-Francois kicking their teeth in on the field. This kid is a monster and he might not sweep the awards like Glenn Dorsey did, but he will be a more dominant player.

Other guys who get less pub, but also stood out were Rahim Alem, Tremaine Johnson and Danny McCray, who I think will rebound and have a big season after struggling in coverage at times this past season.

LSU is off tomorrow and begins to draw in the sand their gameplan for Appalachian State on Thursday.

Speaking of Appalachian State. They are sort of an unknown to LSU fans and all most people know is that they are the team who beat Michigan.

Well these guys linked our blog to their page, so I read through their work and I thought LSU fans would enjoy it, too, so for more info about Appalachian State, visit our friends at:

Daily Dime:

So I went 1-1 again today with the picks as I hit the Mets over the Braves and lost a heartbreaker with the Yanks over the Jays.

I am now: 4-6 total

2-3 on sure things
2-3 on upsets

Time to get back above .500 today with the following:

Sure thing of the day:
White Sox -230 vs. Mariners – Gavin Floyd has been lights-out at home and the Mariners are just horrible.

Upset of the Day:

A’s +245 vs. Twins – Francisco Liriano is pretty good, I guess. But he still had a 5.00 ERA on the season. I like the odds of him giving up 3-4 more and possibly dropping this one to Oakland.

Top 10:

So far, I’ve picked 2 point guards and a big man in my Top 10 list. Today, I will go in the middle of that spectrum and take a small forward.

No. 7 NBA player: Paul Pierce:

If I would have done this list last year, Pierce wouldn’t have been in my Top 40, probably as I thought he was one of the most overrated players in the NBA, but he made it impossible to keep him off the list with his play in the NBA playoffs, winning Finals MVP in a 4-2 series win over the Lakers.

Pierce is as skilled and versatile as they come on offense, having the brute strength to back defenders into the paint, while also having the touch to knock down threes regularly.

But what makes Pierce who he is, is that bulldog he has inside of his gut. By that, I mean that he is more than willing to slice his elbows open diving for a loose ball in the first quarter and he is more than willing to guard the opponent’s best player. That is something that every player needs to be great, but most superstars are not willing to do.

That mentality alone puts Pierce at #7 on my list.


Maddux back to Dodgers in trade – This may push the pendulum back in the Dodgers favor in the NL West. Despite not getting any runs from the Padres, Mad-Dog can still pitch and has an ERA under 4.

Cardinals’ Boldin asks to be traded – How many teams will inquire about Boldin you ask? Try 31. This kid is one of the most underrated WR’s in all of football.

Falcons cut Horn – For a team who needs a slot receiver, Joe is still a pretty decent player. He is in no-way the same #1 guy he was with the Saints. But if the Cowboys sign him like the rumors suggest, he can haul in 45-50 catches running alongside Terrell Owens and Jason Witten.


YouTube was down at the time of editing, so we’ll skip them for today.

Have a good one, folks!