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Moving on, I’ve decided along with my daily (er, semi-daily) opinion posts, I’m also going to make a weekly post giving my opinion on the latest in MMA, as well as what I think should and shouldn’t be happening in MMA. I know this is the initially what I should have been doing, but I believe I’ve gotten more time in my schedule now to be a little more structured with it. And here…we…go.

UFC News

Matt Hughes is catching a ton of heat because of his blog entry from after UFC 87. In it, Hughes admits to leaving the GSP-Fitch WW Title fight early, and many have interpreted his comments as those of being jealous.

I’ve personally read said blog entry, and I tell you, in my own honest opinion, I think Hughes is one of those guys who doesn’t care who his friends are. I doubt he meant anything personally toward GSP, but he knows he can’t beat him, so I’d think maybe he got a little aggravated watching GSP so dominant over Fitch.

From what I’ve seen on him during a few season of The Ultimate Fighter, he’s a very polarizing guy; either you love him or you hate him. I personally, can care less for him. Do I think he meant any disrespect to GSP by leaving?


Do I think he notified the whole world via the internet he left the fight early for a reason?


Hughes, while at one-time was arguably the P4P best fighter in the world, is past his prime if you ask me. All he has left is the grudge match we’ve all been waiting on, the fight with Matt Serra. After that, he needs to get out of here. But while he’s here, he’s going to make sure we all know what he’s doing, and when he’s going to fight Serra.

If you thought that the Georges St. Pierre/BJ Penn fight was going to be a Christmas present, then I’ve got bad news for you. The fight that everyone wants to see, including myself, probably won’t be happening until early 2009, more than likely during the UFC’s SuperBowl weekend card in February.

St. Pierre has already made it clear that he wants to take some time off for the rest of the year to get mentally refreshed and would like to hold off until 2009 until fighting again, considering he’s fought 4 times in the last 13 months.

As a fight fan, I can’t wait for this one. BJ Penn is my personal #2 P4P in the world. He’s fought in every weight class except heavyweight, and he doesn’t fight tomato cans. Along with his new found dedication to his training, I look forward to seeing this superfight between the Lightweight champ Penn and the Welterweight Champ St. Pierre.

The latest major rumor swirling around the UFC is the possible fight between Kenny “KenFlo” Florian and Joe “JoeDaddy” Stevenson for UFC 91 in Boston. Florian, fresh off a win over rising star Roger Huerta at UFC 87 has definitely put himself in a to argue he’s the #1 contender for BJ Penn’s lightweight championship. Stevenson, also coming off a win against Gleison Tibau af UFC 86, could possibly make an argument that he’s also the #1 contender.

Now here comes my problem with this fight, as well as the aforementioned SuperFight between Penn/St. Pierre because if you’re familiar with the UFC, then you already know where I’m going with this.

While I believe Penn and St. Pierre are both Top 3 P4P fighters in the world, along with Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, neither has cleaned out his division like Silva has. Penn has never fought Florian or Huerta, both guys I believe are title contenders, it just so happens Florian got the best of Huerta so that puts him first in line. Not to mention that it was HIGHLY SPECULATED and damn near confirmed that the winner of that Florian/Huerta fight was going to fighting for the title in his next fight.

So let’s really look at the situation. Penn has three guys who can all claim that he needs to be them before moving on to St. Pierre.

  1. Florian – who should be a clear cut #1 contender at this point.
  2. Huerta – who needs a victory against a Top 5 LW in order to get the winner of what should be a Penn/Florian fight.
  3. Stevenson – whom Penn has already destroyed, but has beaten basically everyone but Penn, Florian, or Huerta

Want to REALLY play devil’s advocate?

Mac Danzig, winner of TUF 6 and a seasoned lightweight himself, is fighting Clay Guida at Ultimate Fight Night 14. Guida, who had Huerta beat for the 60% of the his fight before letting Huerta get the best of him in the 3rd and final round, is considered by many as the gatekeeper to the top 10.

Sean Sherk, former lightweight champ and the last man to beat Kenny Florian, is fighting Tyson Griffin at UFC 90. Griffin is fresh off of victories over Marcus Aurelio at UFC 86, Gleison Tibau at UFC 81, and Clay Guida at UFC 72.

So if you take all of that into consideration, then really what you have is:

  1. Florian
  2. Huerta (should fight Stevenson, winner to take on winner of Penn/Florian)
  3. Stevenson (should fight Huerta, winner to take on winner of Penn/Florian)
  4. Griffin (should he beat Sherk) or Sherk (should he beat Griffin)
  5. Danzig (should he beat Guida) or Guida (should be beat Danzig)

Same can be said for St. Pierre. His win over Fitch was his first ever successful title defense, as the only other time he’s ever held the belt, he lost in his first defense to Matt Serra.

Thiago Alves, fresh off a victory over Matt Hughes, can definitely make an argument that he deserves a title shot, especially if he beats the rejuvenated Diego Sanchez, who also is fighting for a title shot at UFC 90.

And although St. Pierre holds a victory over Josh Koscheck, he is the #1 contender according to Sherdog’s Welterweight rankings. Koscheck’s last lost was to St. Pierre, and his only loss in his last 8 fights, which include two very decisive victories in his last two fights, a dominating decision over Chris Lytle and a TKO over up-and-comer Dustin Hazelett.

So in St. Pierre’s case, his list of contenders are:

  1. Koscheck (should be clear cut #1, like Florian)
  2. Fitch (despite losing to St. Pierre, he’s still top 3, should face winner of Sanchez/Alves, with winner to face winner of St. Pierre/Koscheck)
  3. Alves (should he beat Sanchez) or Sanchez (should he beat Alves) with winner to face Jon Fitch
  4. Karo Parisyan (should he beat Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 88 ) or Yoshida (should he beat Parisyan)

This is why MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world now.

MMA News (General)

– Tito Ortiz is apparently back in general negotiations with all major MMA organizations. Possible suitors include Affliction, EliteXC, AFL, and surprisingly, the UFC.

Kimbo Slice’s opponent for his next fight scheduled for October 4th should be announced by the end of this week or early next week.

Personally, I think Tito Ortiz has finally figured out the business side of the MMA world. By most standards, including my own, he’s no longer a Top 5 Light-Heavyweight. However, he’s one of the most marketable son-of-a-bitches ever in this sport, and whoever lands him will be able to sell his fights and make a ton of money. Affliction could definitely use him, but their problem is they gave their fighters way too much money in the first pay-per-view and now they don’t want to do that. Ortiz won’t settle for less than Tim Sylvia money, which trust me, was WAY TOO MUCH. As crazy as it sounds, expect Tito to end up back in the UFC.

As far as Kimbo’s next fight, all signs point to Brett Rogers. For those unfamiliar, after Slice’s last victory over James Thompson, Rogers had some very harsh words for Slice, even going as far as calling Slice out. The only way I don’t see this fight happening is if EliteXC is afraid to put Slice in a bout where the potential to lose is pretty high, which depending on how hard Slice has been training his ground and cardio, could be really high in this fight.

EDIT: It is important that I note that after I finished writing this article, I found out through numerous outlets that the potential front-runner for the Slice Oct. 4 fight is someone he’s already fought.

As of right now, the new popular belief is that EliteXC will sign Sean Gannon, former Boston police officer and the only man to ever defeat Slice in his ever-popular internet street fights.

The UFC had hoped to cash in on Gannon’s fame back in 2005, but he was destroyed in the 1st round of a fight with nobody fighter Brandon Lee Hinkle.

The actual result of Slice and Gannon’s fight can be argued, depending on what side you’re on. This is actually really breaking news as this would be the 1st time two guys got into a “streetfight” then got paid to do it under rules and regulation on TV.

At the current time, Gannon is training at Sityodtong Mixed Martial Arts in Massachusetts.

Well, I think that’s enough for one week. Until next time.

Video of Slice/Gannon 1