Last year was a truly magical run for the New Orleans Hornets. They won the Southwest division over the likes of Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas (all playoff teams) and defeated the Mavs in a first round series before succumbing to the then defending champion Spurs in seven games. I, being an employee of Mr. Gary Chouest (a minority owner of the Bees), found myself rooting for the Hornets over my beloved Rockets and Magic.

Now that it appears the Hornets are here to stay, they want to get a new vibe between the city and the franchise. Sort of a “Rebirth” or recommitment between the two. Sure, last year they implemented the “Fleur-de-Bee” alternate logo. But apparently they wanted more. And today, at around 2 o’clock, the team unveiled new uniforms, an updated logo, and a second alternate logo to go with the “Fleur-de-Bee”. Check out the cool video with the unveiling at the link below. I won’t say much, except PINSTRIPES!!

 Leave feedback on whether or not you like the new uni’s or rather the old ones.