Did you notice something different when you logged on today? Like possibly a completely new color scheme and a whole new layout?

Yeah, it’s showtime. By that, I mean, it’s football season and our full-throttle coverage of LSU football, SEC football and NFL football officially kicks off today.


LSU had a day off yesterday and will begin preparations for Appalachian State tomorrow in time for Aug 30’s season opener.

The Mountaineers are led by their all-world quarterback Armanti Edwards who rocked Michigan’s world in last season’s upset and who has full intentions to do the same to LSU in a little more than a week.

I will give so much more about this game in the coming days as it should be a heavyweight brawl.

In tomorrow’s update, I will have a little bit of fun and do a tale of the tape between the LSU and Appalachian State rosters as well as a tale of the tape between the two universities as a whole.


The college football season is really in reality just a week away as South Carolina and Vanderbilt tee it up in separate contests on Thursday.

Here is a list of all SEC action for Week 1:


S. Carolina vs. NC State 7:00 CDT

Vandy at Miami (OH) 6:30 CDT


Florida vs. Hawaii 11:30 CDT

Georgia vs. Ga Southern 11:30 CDT

LSU vs. Appalachian State 4:00 CDT

Mississippi State at La Tech 5:45 CDT

Arkansas vs. W. Illinois 6:00 CDT

Auburn vs. UL-Monroe 6:00 CDT

Ole Miss vs. Memphis 6:00 CDT

Alabama at Clemson 7:00 CDT


Kentucky at. Louisville 2:30 CDT


Tennessee at UCLA 7:00 CDT


I will give keys to victory for each of these games as the next week progresses and I will pick each of these games in next Thursday’s update.


As my man Boura pointed out in his post yesterday afternoon, the Hornets made some local waves yesterday announcing a new logo and uniforms for the new season.

The Hornets logo is just slightly different and slightly more “hip”, I guess you can say than the previous logo. But the uniforms are quite a bit different as the Hornets have slightly altered their color scheme and have switched from solid colors to pinstripes.

Most important is that the Hornets will be the only team in the NBA to dawn their home city on both their home and away uniforms, further branding New Orleans onto this team, something that I think was woefully lacking in the early days of the franchise here.

New logo:

New Uniforms:


Daily Dime:

It has to be a curse that I can never have a 2-0 day. Just an absolute curse. But in betting, 50% is not bad, especially if you hitting an upset (unlike me yesterday), so here is how I am standing so far:

Total: 5-7

Sure things: 3-3

Upsets: 2-4

Let’s see if we can finally achieve the sweep today.

Sure thing of the Day:

Indians -210 vs. Royals – I could have gone with the Cubs over the Reds or the Phillies over the Nats, but those are too easy. I wanted a little more of a challenge and took Cliff Lee against the struggling Royals.

Upset of the Day:

Braves +175 vs. Mets – I think Mike Hampton has pitched a ton better than his 6.95 ERA suggests as evident by his 2-1 record. And I think even the lifeless Braves will get a shot of adrenaline from facing Pedro. I think the Bravos have a shot in this one.


Top 10:

We’re into the Top 6 now in our NBA list. Today’s guy is personally in my opinion one of the most overrated players in the NBA. Although he might be higher on your list, he is not on mine, because he only plays one side of the floor. But he is still an amazing offensive player, sooooo.

No. 6 NBA Player: Steve Nash

Nash is the ultimate underdog, coming from small-town Santa Clara before bouncing around the NBA for a few years before landing (with his second stint) with the Suns.

Nash is no doubt an amazing player who has eyes in the back of his head, on the side of his head and probably on his knee caps and calves.

But he slips a little bit on my list because he really is a terrible defender. There is no way to slice it up — He is grade-A awful on the defensive side of the ball. And that has been a liability to the Suns in their playoff past as memories of Tony Parker slicing and dicing their defense comes to the minds of every Suns fan.

Nash is as elite an offensive player as we have in the game, but his one-sided skill set slips him further down than most would probably project.

No. 5 tomorrow.



Rams’ Jackson ends holdout and reports to camp – Holdouts are really so pointless. The team knows that the player will never have the guts to sit out an entire season and lose millions of dollars in fines. But the player also knows the team doesn’t have the guts to stand firm and risk their season by letting him sit out. It’s really pointless and someday teams will realize that if a player deserves his money, he will ALWAYS get it, whether in St. Louis or wherever else.

May-Treanor and Walsh win beach volleyball gold – Let me be the first to readily admit I am not much of a beach volleyball fanatic. But this was a hell of a match. USA vs. China is becoming like USA vs. Russia in the 1970s and 1980s, so when they lock horns (and judges aren’t allow to cheat ala in the gymnastics portion), it makes for a heck of a competition.

Redeem Team Romps Aussies, awaits Argentina – Once these games are done and once the USA will have won the Gold in stylish fashion, the next time I hear someone say, “the world is catching up,” I think I might jack them in the face. You could put together the All-Stars from every other roster in these games and they would still lose to Team USA.


YouTube Video of the Day:

Wow. This is pretty sweet.

I’m done! Take care!