Your eyes are not deceiving you.

The latest rumor, coming from a confidential source inside EliteXC, has stated that Kimbo Slice will be fighting MMA legend and former UFC champion Ken Shamrock. The source has said that the press release is just awaiting approval and should be released sometime later today.

Just last week, Shamrock was no longer being considered as a possible opponent by most, including myself, because he has stated that he was concerned with fighting his brother Frank Shamrock and him only. However, EliteXC was never able to make that fight happen.

The leading candidate for the Slice fight appeared to be Sean Gannon, the only man to have ever “defeated” Slice in any of his famed YouTube battles. The re-match was supposed to be a huge sell for EliteXC’s October 4th card. But like the Shamrock v. Shamrock fight, apparently EliteXC wasn’t able to make that happen either.

I’m still unsure how I feel about this. I personally like Ken Shamrock, and I wish he would have retired after the 3rd Tito Ortiz fight, but I suppose he wants to go out on a win. Do I think he can take Slice? I’m not sure. Yes, he is a UFC and MMA legend, but he hasn’t looked sharp in any of his recent fights, most of which were losses via KO or TKO.

I’m not going to make my pick just yet, but I will say this. This is definitely a smarter move right now for EliteXC, whom many are saying is in financial no man’s land. Signing Gannon and making him a headliner against Slice would have pissed off many MMA faithfuls who already feel that Slice has no right being a main event guy, especially in a fight against another guy whose only famous due to street fighting. By pitting him against Shamrock, at least one of the two fighters has some substantial MMA background.

More on this later this week, when more information becomes available.