This week’s edition of MMA Weekly is pretty much the exact opposite of last week’s edition, and focuses more on smaller organizations than last week’s UFC filled post. Today, I’ll give my 1st evaluations of the Kimbo Slice v. Ken Shamrock fight slated for October 4 on CBS.

Kimbo Slice v. Ken Shamrock

It’s official folks. Oct. 4, 2008 will see the battle between young and old live on CBS as Kimbo Slice (3-0) takes on UFC veteran ex-champion Ken Shamrock (26-13-2) as part of EliteXC’s 3rd live network TV broadcast.

Personally, I don’t see this fight leaving the 1st round. And while most of you may be thinking, “Shamrock’s got this in the bag,” or “Kimbo’s gonna murder this old guy,” it’s really not that simple. Let’s look at some factors.

Kimbo’s only been tested once. In three professional fights, only one has gone past the 1st round, and he won via a controversial stoppage over career tomato can James Thompson. Slice looked out of shape during the Thompson fight, and on the ground, it became very evident he was not comfortable. Against Shamrock, the ground is the last place Kimbo will want to be.

Ken Shamrock in 2008 is no longer the “World’s Most Dangerous Man”. He has not won a fight since 2004, and his last 5 fights have all been losses via KO or TKO in the first round. Needless to say, he hasn’t looked sharp in any of these fights either, and his last loss was to a Robert Berry, a guy I’ve honestly never heard of.

Age v. Experience. At 44 years old, Shamrock is TEN years older than Slice. Now is this were a 30 year old in his prime fighting a 20 year old, this wouldn’t seem like such a big ordeal, or even as much as a 34 year old fighting a 24 year old, but this is different. And while Shamrock’s career fight total is more than ten times larger than Slice’s, he’s also taken a ton of beatings recently.

The Boxer (brawler in this case) v. the Wrestler (grappler in this case). While the argument isn’t completely exact, this is pretty much what I think we’re gonna see. If Ken Shamrock wants any chance at beating Slice and saving not only face, but his career as well, he’s gonna claw and scratch Kimbo to the ground. Slice may not be a striking genius, but the man can throw a punch. A hard, fast, knockout punch. And history tells us that Shamrock’s jaw may be making the transition to glass.

The S on my Chest (Size, Speed, Strength). Let’s be honest. Shamrock has no physical advantages in this fight. Slice is 3 inches taller and 35 lbs. heavier than Shamrock. Shamrock has made a career at fighting around 205 lbs. whereas Slice is usually around the 235 lb. mark. Also, Shamrock has naturally gotten slower over the years, so his ability to shoot in on Slice will not be as effective.

All things considered, right now, I’m leaning toward Kimbo Slice via TKO. But that’s subject to change.

Have a nice weekend!

P.S. Keep Louisiana in your prayers!