Guys, I will not be as detailed and as in depth as I would be on a “normal” gameday, but because of the storm and all of that business, I will be a little shorter today than I normally would be on a Saturday update.

But anyway, it’s officially gameday and even though the opening kickoff is a little earlier than anyone ever expected, LSU will take on Appalachian State tomorrow morning in a special matinée kickoff at 10:00 a.m.

I gave you guys the keys to victory for each team yesterday and I stand by my choices for both sides.

The question I get from everyone is “who will the delay help?”

In my opinion, it helps LSU more for the following reasons.

1. The Butterfly Effect – Andrew Hatch, Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson are not exactly the kings of experience. I think being able to just wake up and go play, will help them, rather than having to sit around and wait all day long.

2. Heat – It will be hotter now than it was going to be before and I already told you guys that I think the heat is a big advantage for LSU. So keep an eye on the number of players cramping on both sides as that can play a big role in the game.

Official Prediction:

I think the morning kickoff combined with it being a season opener will make the better part of the first half very, very sloppy and pretty difficult to watch. But I think come the middle of the 2nd quarter and down the home stretch, I think LSU’s brute strength and super depth will dominate the game and I think LSU will head to the lockers with around a 10 point advantage and then cruise to about a 24 point lead before coasting.

Official Prediction:

LSU 34



Now to the other topics at hand. Hurricane Gustav is pouncing out in the Caribbean and while the new forecast track has continued to shift Gustav further and further to the West, it will still be a major problem to Coastal Louisiana if the storm continues on its current track.

I never have been and never will be a meteorologist, but my gut tells me that Gustav will veer westward and make landfall around the Lake Charles area.

But either way, everyone who reads here is in my prayers tonight and let’s hope God sends this storm elsewhere.

I will update following tomorrow’s game with a full, in-depth recap.

I know the past 24-36 hours have been stressful for everyone. Let’s hope the Tigers can take our minds off the stresses of Gustav for a few hours and then we can get more good news later in the day with a little push to the west.

God Bless!