We have a lot of readers here. More than I ever thought we’d have.

Today is the day following an LSU football game. Normally, I’d be jam piling today’s update with all things LSU. But instead, I just want to ask that you out of state viewers pray for Louisiana.

If things stay as they are now, things will not be so great for us . . . AGAIN.

I am in a Florida hotel room. I am safe. Are you?

If there is anyone out there who did not leave yet, please, I am begging you, get out! The storm could hit anywhere on the Louisiana coast and no one is safe. Are you willing to play Russian Roulette?

Please, get out and spare yourself. We lost 1,000 for Katrina. That’s 1,000 too many when we have nearly a week’s notice to get out of dodge.

You are all in my prayers.