My Tigers,

LSU does not have a game today, but that does not mean the LSU athletic department was snoozing away the down time, as LSU has come up with a contingency plan to play next Saturday’s game against North Texas in the Louisiana Superdome if Tiger Stadium is not ready, or if Hurricane Ike threatens the Louisiana coast next week.

The plan reportedly would pit LSU in a day-night doubleheader with Tulane playing their scheduled game in the early afternoon before LSU took the field at night.

Obviously, we all hope and pray that Ike stays far, far away, but I actually like this idea if things would take a turn for the worst.

LSU plays so, so well in the Superdome, winning bowl games in the Dome in 2001, 2003, 2006 and 2007, while also beating Tulane there this past season.

ESPN’s Lee Corso went as far as saying that it would take an NFL team to beat LSU in front of a closed-in, noise trap like the dome.

So obviously, I hope this idea does not need to happen next week, but I propose LSU play 1 OOC game against a BCS school per year in the Dome. I think it would be good for the state and judging by history — good for the Tigers, too.


LSU may not have a game, but virtually everyone else does. I have 2 more previews to tackle, so here goes.

Tulane at Alabama 6:00 CDT

Keys for Tulane:

1. Ride the early wave – Nick Saban’s teams are notoriously bad against teams they “should beat.” And Alabama should beat Tulane. So the longer they stay around and keep the game close, the more and more they will start to “believe,” and the more and more a ULM is likely to happen.

2. Trickeration – Bob Toledo knows when his back is against the wall. And he is not shy to roll the dice. Against LSU this past season, he tried every trick in the book early, and it worked initially, taking only a 10-9 deficit into halftime. Expect more of the same tomorrow.

Keys for Bama:

1. JPW – John Parker Wilson was brilliant against Clemson. But he is also what my dad called a “diabetic quarterback” in that he doesn’t deal with cupcakes well sometimes. He needs to bring the early energy to avoid another letdown.

2. Not to the moon yet – Alabama has high expectations and are shooting for the stars this season. After dismantling Clemson last week, they are approaching the Top 10. They need to not believe their own hype — yet and roll over a team they should cream.

Prediction: Later in this post



Miami at Florida 7:00 CDT

Keys for Miami:

1. Make Tebow play 50% – What I mean by this is that you will never stop Tim Tebow. He is far too talented. But you can control Florida’s offense if you take away either his passing or his running. I do not think it matters which one Miami takes away, but to have any chance, they have to find one. If Tebow drops 250 in the air and 80 on the ground, this game will be a landslide.

2. Jacoby Harris – The Canes have not had a legit QB in a what seems like a decade, but Harris may be that guy. If he can pass this test and play reasonably well, the Canes can win 8-10 in a horrible ACC.

Keys for Florida:

1. Hail Harvin – Percy is back and is ready to make a lethal offense become nuclear. Expect his usual 10-12 carries and 4-5 catches.

2. Turnover forcing defense – The Gators’ defense is still young after being mere babies this past season. While they will still make mistakes and blow assignments, if they can force the huge turnovers they did last week against Hawaii, it will go a long way in allowing them to win the close games they lost this past season.

Prediction: Later in this post.



All right. Here goes.

Ga Tech +7 at Boston College      MY PICK: BC

WVU -7.5 at East Carolina           MY PICK: WVU

Miami +22.5 at Florida               MY PICK: Miami

San Diego State +21.5 at Notre Dame      MY PICK: Notre Dame

Ole Miss +7.5 at Wake Forest         MY PICK: Wake

Tulane +30 at Alabama                 MY PICK: Tulane


Tampa Bay +3 at New Orleans        MY PICK: Tampa

Dallas -6 at Cleveland                 MY PICK: Dallas

Vikings +2.5 at Green Bay          MY PICK: Minnesota

Kansas City +15.5 at New England           MY PICK: New England

Saints/Bucs = Over/Under 42.5 points      MY PICK: Over

Jets/Dolphins = Over/Under 36.5 points         MY PICK: Over

SEC in depth:

Auburn 24

S. Miss 13

Notes: Closer than the experts think. Auburn did not look good . . . at all against UL-Monroe. And S. Miss is no slouch.

Mississippi 10

Wake 28

Notes: Wake is the class of the ACC and Ole Miss is just not quite there yet.

C. Michigan 10

Georgia 41

Notes: UGA did not play like a Top 5 team last week. They will rebound and roll this week.

Norfolk State 7

Kentucky 38

Notes: All Kentucky . . . all night. Not much else to say.

Arkansas 17

UL-Monroe 23

Notes: Arkansas is flat-out bad. UL-Monroe will get just enough offense to pull the unthinkable again.

SE Louisiana 0

Mississippi State 52

Notes: An angry Bulldogs squad tears up the hapless Lions.

Tulane 14

Bama 38

Notes: Bama will overcome a slow start and win big in this trap game for them.

Miami 24

Florida 31

Notes: Florida is a 20+ point favorite. But I just don’t see it here. Miami is on the up and up and I see this rivalry game being tightly contested.


Top 10:

Time for another overrated athlete.

No. 7 most overrated athlete – Reggie Bush

Bush should probably be higher on this list. But I spared him, because he is still very young and may mature into a better player than he currently is . . . not that he can be much worse.

So I hear you asking ‘why all the Reggie hate, Case?’

My answer: because the guy has no heart. None. Not an ounce of his body has ‘it’. He has all the tools, all the athleticism, all of the speed, the good hands, everything a good running back needs. But he does not have that bulldog inside of his body to make him stand out.

I do not know how detail Vegas gets with their betting. But a good bet to make would be guessing that Reggie will go out of bounds as soon as he gets the football on any given play.

People thought that the Texans drafting Mario Williams meant a franchise player being drafted into New Orleans. And Bush may still be that. But for the time being, if you add up the rushing yards from his first two seasons, you get less than what Adrian Peterson had in an injury shortened rookie season in 2007.

Nuff’ said.

No. 6 tomorrow.



Marion Jones out of prison – I top my hat to Jones. First off, I don’t believe convicted cheaters should have to give back their medals unless we test and prove that every, other racer in the race was clean. But Jones handled her situation responsibly and she will always be a phenomenal athlete in my mind.

2 out of every 3 people worldwide watched the Olympics – Wow. When you consider that probably only 75-80 percent of the world is in a technological stage of their society, that’s a huge, huge number.

ChiSox Quentin out with broken wrist – I normally feel sorry for people who get hurt in the midst of pennant races. But not this clown. You’re red-hot and are having a year that would have previously made people suspect you were on the juice. Why you punching your bat?


YouTube Video of the Day:

Okay, so this is a lame song. It just fits the mood for this week and specifically this day as we all will be watching other teams play, but not the Tigers today.


I’m out!

Have a blessed weekend!