LSU officials continued to monitor the ongoing situation with Hurricane Ike today and while no decision has been made, here is what I know.

1. LSU will make no decision regarding this until mid next week. The worst case scenario is moving the game and then having the storm not hit Louisiana.

2. If the game is moved, it will be moved most likely to Dallas. New Orleans was a sexy choice. But let’s be real, if the storm hits Louisiana, New Orleans will be just as wiped out as Baton Rouge will be.

3. LSU WILL play this game. The Tigers need 12 games to compete with the rest of the D-I teams. So even if this game is played on the moon, it will be played.

4. Jarrett Lee is being groomed by LSU coach Les Miles to take over the club in crunch-time situations by the Auburn game. Hatch is a steady player. But a little too steady in that he is too cautious and does not take enough chances.

More later on this situation as it unfolds later in the week.


Today was a wild and wacky college football day. Not as many upsets happened as it seemed there would be early in the day. But many teams got big-league scares in the CFB world. Here are my thoughts on the action around the country.

1. East Carolina is the real deal. These dudes can play. You don’t beat Va Tech and West Virginia on back-to-back weeks by accident.

2. Florida/Auburn/Alabama not “all-that” – None of the teams in the trio impressed me yesterday. Alabama beat Tulane with mostly all special teams touchdowns. Auburn is still making too many silly mistakes out of their spread. And Florida is still a one-man show. All will win their share. But I see all of them losing their share, too.

3. Notre Dame still not there yet – They needed a lucky goal line fumble to turn the tide against San Diego State, a team who lost to Cal Poly last Saturday. They still have a ways to go.

4. Arkansas odor – The Razorbacks stink. Straight up. Two weeks in a row they need last minute miracles to beat hapless opponents. 0-8 SEC schedule for them.

5. Ohio State still overrated – USC will pounce this team by probably 20 next week. Ohio? seriously? Ohio?

6. Officials drop the ball – BYU had a game handed to them by the officials after Washington’s QB spiked the ball out of adrenaline after scoring a touchdown with less than 10 seconds to play and was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct foul. Fire that official, pretty please.


The second big story is that the Saints will kick it off for the first time in 2008 tomorrow at noon against the Bucs.

I’ve given all of my keys to this game earlier in the week and I see this as an evenly matched game.

It’s as easy as this: If the Saints keep Joey Galloway out of the end-zone, they win. If not, they get crushed.

Recent history tells me they have no answer for him, so I go with the Bucs in a 31-28 shootout.


I will skip Top 10 today, because I went way over my self-made word limit yesterday.



Federer moves to final at US Open – Nadal is in big trouble, down 2 sets. So Roger might waltz to another major title.

Manny’s 5 RBI move Dodgers into 1st – Is there a bigger underachiever than the DBacks? Who can’t win the pathetic West with Haren and Webb?

Zaun’s slam drops Rays – What is that ooey, gooey stuff over my newspaper next to the MLB standings? Oh, that is the Rays melting under the September pressure.


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I’m out.

Take it easy and stay away, IKE!