Tiger fans,

Today I have a full belly.

I had a big, large and not so delicious supper. Do you guys know what was on the menu? How about some crow. Or how about my left foot?

That’s right. Reggie Bush made me eat both and more yesterday, willing the Saints to a 24-20 win against Tampa Bay with 8 catches and 112 yards.

The two teams went back and forth and threw lefts and rights at one another for 3 quarters before the Saints landed the final body blow with 7:38 to play on Bush’s 42-yard touchdown reception.

Like I always say, if you want play-by-play analysis, go to ESPN or CNNSI. But here are 5 things I took from the game for the Saints (some good and some bad).

1. Penalty Box – The only time the Saints ever got stopped was when they stopped themselves. They showed today they are a GOOD team. If they clean up the penalties, they can maybe be an elite team.

2. Shockey addition . . . worth it – How many times yesterday did Shockey make a big catch when the Saints needed a play on a third and six? With Bush, Colston and the others, he is a weapon.

3. Deuce? – Why did the Saints choose to keep a $10M+ guy on their roster if he can not play? I expect Deuce to probably be placed on IR soon, because people tell me he has reinjured his knee.

4. Ed Orgeron – The Saints defensive line is beastly all of a sudden. The players are the same, so what is different? Ed Orgeron. LSU fans remember him as the psycho Ole Miss coach. But this guy is a hell of a position coach.

5. Jason David – Did he even play? I didn’t see him out there at all. Somebody is in the dog house.


The next big story out there is Tom Brady, who left in the first quarter of the Patriots’ 17-10 win against the Chiefs and is reportedly out for the season with a Torn ACL.

In 15 minutes, one team went from being a Superbowl contender to having their season ended. That’s just the way the NFL is. In 1 moment you have it all. The next you have nothing.

With Brady out, the Jets are the new favorites in the AFC East in my mind with the Bills running stride for stride with the Pats and Jets, too.


I stole this from a message board. But instead of doing my Top 10 list today, I will do a Top 12 . . . as each Monday from now on, I will give you a poll of my SEC rankings.

Here is this week.

1. Florida

2. Georgia

3. Auburn

4. LSU

5. Alabama

6. Vanderbilt – (yes, Vanderbilt. They look very, very good through two games).

7. South Carolina

8. Tennessee

9. Ole Miss

10. Kentucky

11. Mississippi State

12. Arkansas
I have no real LSU news to report today, except that LSU coach Les Miles and LSU AD Joe Alleva will update the media tomorrow around noon as to the status of the LSU football facilities and of the location of Saturday’s game with North Texas.

I have been told that LSU officials will try like heck to do anything they can to play the game in Baton Rouge, but with mother nature lurking, it is not fully in their control.

It will be interesting to see if LSU has an “Ohio State” hangover with Auburn lurking and a sub-par North Texas team on the schedule.


Serena Williams wins third US Open – Serena is where she belongs: On the top and at No. 1 in the world.

Delhomme TD on last play beats Chargers – Game of the week and early nominee for game of the year. What a finish.

Haskins does at 78 – It’s a shame most people only know who Haskins is from a movie. But this guy is a real basketball legend and will be missed.

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Have a good Monday, people!