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The LSU Athletic Department announced on Monday its contingency plan in the event of Saturday’s game being forced away from Baton Rouge by Hurricane Ike.

1. The game will be played . . . PERIOD. Even if it is played on Mars, Jupiter or on a barge ship in the ocean. With one game already being pushed back, LSU now has no wiggle room if they want to play the full 12-game schedule they need.

2. Atlanta, Dallas, Shreveport and New Orleans are the 4 places being considered if the game is moved with Atlanta being an overwhelming favorite at this moment because of the storm’s unlikelihood of interacting with Atlanta.

But despite that plan, sources inside of LSU tell me late this evening that because of the current southward shift in the NHC’s track of Ike and the computer models’ seemingly overwhelming train of thought that the storm will affect Texas, that there is “around an 80 percent chance” the game will be played in Baton Rouge and that Tiger Stadium has been totally fixed and is ready to host a football game right now.


So with that being said, let’s shift to North Texas. The Mean Green are 0-2 on the season and have taken two overwhelming beatings from Kansas State and Tulsa respectively.

So with that being said and with LSU being a 40-point favorite, what should we expect?

1. Answers in the quarterback situation – The staff is grooming Jarrett Lee to take over the job by year’s end. Will he get more reps Saturday? Also, look for Jordan Jefferson. If he does not play Saturday, he will more than likely redshirt.

2. Fresh faces – If LSU gets the big lead everyone expects them to get, it will be fun to see guys like Rahim Alem, Al Woods, Jacob Cutrera, Tremaine Johnson and others take over on the defensive side of the ball. LSU has as talented a second unit as anyone in the country on defense.

3. Colt back – Colt David is expected back after missing the Appalachian State game with turf toe. I expect to see him get plenty of work so he can be sharp if LSU needs him in the Plains.

4. Kickoff specialist – LSU was terrible with kickoffs against Appalachian. Will someone, please put one in or near the endzone?

Much more on this game later in the week.


I did this with college yesterday and I will make my Tuesday’s a day where I will give my NFL Power 12, so here goes.

The main thing I noticed is that with the Patriots off the perch on the top, the gap between the AFC and NFC seems smaller than ever.

Case and point:

The Colts = lost to an NFC team

The Chargers = lost to an NFC team

The Browns = lost to an NFC team.

In fact, the NFC had a 3-1 record against the AFC with the lone exception being the Seahawks who were trounced by the Bills.

Here’s the Power 12:

1. Dallas Cowboys – dominating win on the road against a very, very good road team.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers – It’s like the good ole days with Dallas and the Steelers on the top. Not every defense is as bad as the Texans’ though.

3. Philadelphia Eagles – It may be a stretch to put them this high. But they dismantled the Rams in the first 10 minutes of the game, before coasting to an easy win.

4. New England Patriots – I am not one who thinks the Patriots will now go 5-11. A team does not go 16-0 solely because of a quarterback. Matt Cassel will be fine and so will the Patriots.

5. Indianapolis Colts – Yes, they are high. But Peyton will shake off the rust in good time.

6. Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers looked like a legitimate NFL superstar while leading his Packers over the Vikings in the opener.

7. New York Giants – I sleep on the Giants, possibly too much. But I just can not see a luck-shot team from last year replicating their magic without Strahan and Shockey.

8. New Orleans Saints – The Saints were pretty good Sunday. But they still have so much to do to be “very good”. Like not committing 100 penalties at home would be a good start.

9. San Diego Chargers – See also: Colts. Tomlinson looked lost for a half after not playing all preseason and he will be fine the remainder of the season.

10. Chicago Bears – Could the Bears be back? Their defense manhandled the Colts and as long as Kyle Orton doesn’t turn over the football, the Bears can take their division.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jags just looked flat against the Titans. They didn’t have a rhythm on offense or defense and they dropped a game they should have won.

12. New York Jets – They did not look like a force to be reckoned with, struggling to beat the Dolphins. But I saw the pieces of an amazing foundation being laid. These guys could be for real.


Armstrong to return to Tour in ’09? – Reports are conflicting, but if I am Armstrong, I just don’t get it. What do you have to gain? The only thing he has is something to lose — his reputation, if he is found to be doping.

Pac 10 says officials made right call in Washington game – I know what the rule book says. But sometimes, we just need to throw ‘the book’ in the trash pail. This was one of those times.

Todd named AU starting quarterback – What this means for the SEC is uncertain as he and Kodi Burns are both unknown commodities. Point being — I expect to still see both on the field in large doses, despite one being officially “the starter”.


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Have a fabulous Tuesday and if I have anything to add regarding Sat’s game, I will keep you all updated.