Tiger fans,

As you heard here first, the game will be in Tiger Stadium on Saturday.

I’ve told you about that before anyone else did, so I won’t elaborate, let’s get straight to the meat of today’s post.

I gave to you yesterday some of the skill players for the North Texas Mean Green.

Today I will go a little bit farther and give the keys to victory for both teams, before making an official prediction on Friday.

Here goes:

Keys for North Texas:

1. Timing passed – They love to throw the football and LSU does have inexperienced DB’s. But none of that will matter if the Mean Green does not protect their quarterback and allow for the timing between the line of scrimmage to the receivers is there. If that is interrupted, you will see a ton of three and outs.

2. Win special teams – This is a realistic goal. LSU’s punting is not up to par and their kick and punt coverage have traditionally been poor the past few seasons. In every major upset, teams have to get “cheap points”, so for North Texas to win, they have to block a kick or maybe take a kick to the house to get some free points.

3. Head in the game – Hurricane Ike is projected to batter and bruise the Mean Green’s stomping grounds. With family and friends being left behind, I hope the Mean Green can play with a clear mind in what should be a memorable night (for good reasons) for their players.

Keys for LSU:

1. Finish the puzzle – LSU has a few loose ends to tie up before Auburn and I think they will spend the better part of Saturday’s game doing that. Ex: Finding your starting QB, your 2nd cornerback and your punter.

2. Keep pedal on the metal – LSU did not have the luxury of playing Troy like they’d have hoped, so this game is their final buffer before Auburn. I think that you will see LSU coach Les Miles keep his foot on the gas, even if the lead expands to huge margins, because he knows his team needs the reps more than North Texas needs a clear ego.

3. Vertical attack – Miles has said all week that he wants his quarterbacks to be more bold with the football and take more chances down the field. And I expect them to obey Miles’ orders Saturday against a pitiful North Texas secondary who gives up well more than 300 yards passing per game so far this season.


One team who will not be in action this week in the league will be Arkansas, whose scheduled game with Texas on Saturday has been postponed to Sept 27 thanks to Hurricane Ike.

Just like I am sure people in Texas prayed for us in our time of need the last 10 days, I encourage the people here to keep those folks in our prayers tonight and the rest of the weekend.

I think the right decision was made as it’s better to be safe than sorry — especially when both teams have a common week off.


Here is the rest of the SEC slate for this weekend.

UAB at Tennessee 11:30 CDT

No. 2 Georgia at South Carolina 2:30 CDT

Mid Tenn State at Kentucky 6:00 CDT

Rice at Vanderbilt 6:00 CDT

Samford at Ole Miss 6:00 CDT

No. 9 Auburn at Miss St 6:00 CDT

W. Kentucky at No. 11 Alabama 6:00 CDT

I think fans in Auburn and Georgia need to be on upset alert as both squads are in severe danger Saturday of being taken behind the woodshed.


The big news in the pros is in New Orleans as the team announced Marquis Colston will undergo thumb surgery and be out 4-6 weeks.

This is a crushing blow to the Saints in my opinion.

You folks here know I am a Cowboys fan. So I will use a Cowboys’ example.

In my opinion, the Saints and Cowboys’ receivers are very similar.

Each have a dominant receiver (Owens and Colston)

Each have a career slot man who is playing #2 in this system (Crayton and Patten)

And each have a great tight end (Witten and Shockey)

Okay. History lesson. Terrell Owens went down the final 2 weeks of the season with an ankle injury this past season. Without Owens, what was a powerful offense, went down the tube instantly, because the other players could not slide into their new roles comfortably.

We’ll see how it works out, but I think this could be a very big loss to the Saints if no one steps up to fill the void.


The NFL has surely lost a lot of star power after one week.

Tom Brady

Shawne Merriman

Marquis Colston

among others.



Angels’ clinch division – The Angels are the best team in baseball — easily. But they have a huge hurdle to knock over in that most teams who sit and play “meaningless” games for 2-3 weeks usually are bounced in the playoffs quickly.

Titans’ Young wants out of football – If you look at the stats, you say Vince Young is a terrible quarterback. And yes, he is not an elite QB, he is still a winner. Just look at the W/L records he has scored in Tennessee without a legit receiver and a dominant tailback.

Wells practices, ready to play – So many people are sleeping on Ohio State. I think they will shock the world and knock off USC. I really do.


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Have a good day, people!