LSU made some last minute preparations Thursday for North Texas and have 95% of their gameplan etched in stone with a few slight tinkers being made tomorrow in a walkthrough.

LSU is a huge favorite (40+ points), and they could cover easily if they play their A-game against a North Texas team who gave up 79 points to Navy last season and has given up 50.5 a game this season.

But a few obstacles may stand in the way of the team covering the spread.

1. Weather – Ike may be far enough away to allow a game to be played. But he is still close enough to soak the forecast on Saturday. A slick field will hurt LSU’s chances of getting up and down the field and also will increase the chances LSU gets their starters out of harm’s way sooner, rather than later.

2. North Texas can score a little, too – They have a pretty solid offense. I’m not saying they will hang 100. But if they get 7-10, that means LSU will have to drop 50 in this game. That’s tough to do on anybody — even a defense as poor as theirs.

3. Look ahead factor -I’d be willing to bet LSU will not play their best game. See also: Ohio vs. Ohio State last week. See also: LSU vs. Tulane last year. LSU knows they can show up, play 50% and win. And Auburn will be on their minds.

All-in-all, I see LSU jumping out early and taking a big lead — probably 14 or 21 to zip at the end of a quarter. Where they go from there will determine the final outcome.

If Coach Miles wants to maximize his first-team reps to make up for the lost time last week, LSU can win this game by 50, 60, 70 points.

But if Miles decides to rest and be fresh for Auburn, the margin can be much smaller.

I think Miles wants the reps and will “run up the score” in a:

LSU 66

NT 7

More on this game tomorrow. I’ll give some finishing touches.


So much is being made about the game potentially wet and rainy and those people are — right.

The National Weather Service forecasts a 70% chance of rain Saturday with winds blowing 16-22 mph with higher gusts.

What this means is bring your ponchos and other rain gear. It is far better to be too prepared for rainy weather than unprepared.

On the field, it means longer passes, punts and kicks will be adventures and also necessary challenges for all of those areas — as they are all areas LSU is trying to improve.


The biggest game in college football this weekend is in Los Angeles where No. 1 USC is tangling with No. 5 Ohio State.

The biggest storyline coming out of this game is the health status of All-American tailback Beanie Wells who injured his knee in the Buckeyes’ season opener.

Wells’ uncertainly have many believing that USC will win a runaway affair. But I beg to differ.

1. Defense- USC’s weakness is wide receiver. Ohio State’s strength is defensive back. I think too many things have to go right for USC to score the football. That will keep this game close enough for both teams to have a shot in the fourth quarter.

2. Beanie back? – I am 99.9995% sure Beanie Wells will play. I am 99.9995% sure Ohio State is sending out smoke screens. Think about it. How better to motivate your team before a huge game than to see their wounded leader take them onto the field for battle.

Overall, I see this one as a tight game with USC having a few too many horses in the end.

USC 21

Ohio State 13



K-Rod ties saves record – K-Rod is so lights-out. And the great thing about him is that he gets stronger as the season goes on. He’s like Mariano Rivera in that he just gets better in the big spots.

Owens says he got “too big” for McNabb – And he’s right. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Eagles have never had a dominant receiver other than Owens since McNabb got there.

Young says he is committed to Titans/football – This is an odd story to me. Vince always seemed like a head strong person in college. I do not know the situation. But I have to think there are things going on for him off the field that have his self esteem in such a flux like this.


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Before I go, I want to let all of my friends in Texas know that you are all in my prayers. Take care, guys and gals!

Have a good Friday!