I never posted our picks. My apologies for that. But it will be blatantly we are not cheating, because only Cody was above .500.


1. Auburn -10.5 at Miss State   Cody, Casey and Richard: Miss State
2. UCLA +7.5 at BYU          Cody and Casey: BYU    Richard: UCLA
3. Georgia -7.5 at S. Carolina    Everyone: UGA
4. Wisconsin -2 at Fresno       Casey and Richard: Wisconsin   Cody: Fresno
5. Ohio State +10.5 at USC     Cody and Richard: USC   Casey: Ohio State
6. Michigan -2 at Notre Dame    Casey and Richard: Michigan   Cody: ND
7. East Carolina -13 at Tulane    Everyone: Tulane
8. N. Texas +41.5 at LSU       Cody and Richard: N. Texas   Casey: LSU


1. Colts -2 at Vikings     Casey and Richard: Colts   Cody: Vikings
2. Saints -1 at Redskins   All: Saints
3. Patriots +1 at Jets   Richard: Jets  Casey and Cody: Patriots
4. Eagles +6.5 at Cowboys    Richard: Eagles   Casey and Cody: Cowboys


44.5 points in Ohio State/USC      Casey and Richard: Under   Cody: Over
60.5 points in Oregon/Purdue    Casey and Richard: Over   Cody: under
42 points in Saints/Skins game   Casey and Cody: Over   Richard: under

Here is how we did this week with the Dallas game still on the table.

Cody: 8-6

Casey: 7-7

Richard 6-8

Total Standings:

Casey: 18-11 (62 percent)

Cody: 17-12 (58.6 percent)

Richard: 16-13 (55.1 percent)

Boura: 6-9  (40 percent)

With Boura being unavailable this week to pick, what I decided we will do is determine our winner based on winning percentage, so that everyone involved still has a chance to win.

I will update these all again tomorrow after the Eagles/Cowboys game.