The new polls are out and there are no real wrinkles. USC is an overwhelming #1following their 35-3 beating of Ohio State.

A small shake up is in the two-hole where Oklahoma resides now, after bumping Georgia to #3 thanks to an unimpressive 14-7 win against South Carolina Saturday.

LSU moved from the 7-spot to the 6-spot as everyone jumped a notch after Ohio State moved out of the Top 10.

Polls really at this point of the season don’t mean anything at all. But I opened today’s post with the Top 10 to make a point.

1. USC

2. OU

3. Georgia

4. Florida

5. Missouri

6. LSU

7. Texas

8. Wisconsin

9. Alabama

10. Auburn

Okay, so that is, according to my math:

SEC 5:

Everyone else: 5

Anyone in California still want to discuss what is the best league in the world?

I didn’t think so.


In the NFL, the Saints dropped to 1-1 on the season in a 29-24 loss to the Redskins yesterday to the Redskins.

People will chirp about how the Saints let one get away and how the Saints blew it, etc… But let’s be real. The Saints DID NOT in any way, shape or form deserve to win this game.

They were out-played in every facet of the game and were lucky to even be in the game at all in the first 30 minutes.

Point blank: You can’t turn over the ball three times, rush for just 55 yards and have 55 penalty yards if you expect to win at a high level.

To me, the turning point came on Bush’s punt return. I am all for dancing. I am all for celebrations. I am all for doing all of those crazy things. But what I am not for is showing up the other team and Bush did that pointing in the face of the Skins’ defenders on his way to the endzone.

He, of all people, should know better.

History lesson. Bush takes a screen pass, breaks the defenses’ ankles and goes to the house to bring the Saints within two 16-14 in the 2006 NFC Championship. But en route to the end-zone, Bush has some sharp words for the Bears defense.

End result? The Saints lose the remainder of the game 23-0 in a 39-14 loss.

Today was no different. His punt return pushed the score to 24-15. The final score? 29-24. Do the math, that means it was 14-0 Skins after his charade.

Bush was almost the reason the Saints were 2-0. But instead in my opinion, he is the biggest reason they are instead 1-1, heading to Denver (who looks fabulous) with a depleted secondary.


I did this last week and I thought it was cool. So I will again give my SEC power rankings for this week.

1. Florida – a bye week doesn’t hurt the Gators as Georgia, Auburn and LSU all took steps back on the totem pole this week.

2. Georgia – The Dawgs have seen better days. But road wins in the SEC are hard to come by and they got one Saturday.

3. Alabama – The Tide had a black-eye with only a 20-6 win against Tulane 2 weeks ago. But that is erased a little after the Wave nearly beat East Carolina.

4. LSU – I am not sold on the QB’s . . . AT ALL. But everything else is world class and hard to overlook.

5. Auburn – The bad? They only scored 3 points against Miss St. The good? They won the game and are still unbeaten.

6. Vanderbilt – 3-0 after a win against a decent mid-major, Rice. Could this team be legit?

7. Tennessee – The Vols are not impressive so far and are a clear step and a half behind the elites in the league. Remember the UCLA team that beat Tennessee? Yeah, they lost 59-0 to BYU this weekend.

8. Kentucky – The Wildcats nearly were Bluegrass Miracled again, but the Hail Mary play was stopped at the one, making them 3-0 on the season. Is this team legit? No, not at all. But I have to put them ahead of 1-2 S. Carolina, even though the Cocks will crush them head-to-head.

9. Ole Miss – The Rebels pounded Samford into the ground. But me and 10 of my readers could probably do the same.

10. S. Carolina – It’s such a shame that the Cocks are so low on this list. They have an absolutely amazing defensive unit. They just can not get first downs on the other end.

11. Mississippi State – Normally when you tell someone you only lost to Auburn by a point, you can be proud. But I think it’s a little less impressive when that loss is by a 3-2 count.

12. Arkansas – A bye week for the Razorbacks. Rumor has it Petrino was seen in local churches praying for McFadden and Jones to be back. This team is pretty Godawful bad.



Zambrano no-hits Stros – The glass slipper may have burst once Ike made landfall on the Texas coast. They were red-hot and still may recover. But a team without a home who gets no-hit in their first game after a natural disaster looks like a team dead in the water.

Cassel beats Favre, Jets – People who think the Patriots will just quietly go 7-9 have another thing coming. Teams who complete a season 16-0 don’t do that with solely good quarterback play. The Patriots are one of the teams to beat until their final snap is taken in the season.

Broncos score conversion, beat Chargers – Boo, who for the Chargers who got “cheated”, right? WRONG! They had fourth and goal at the six and they couldn’t get a stop. They had a two-point conversion and they couldn’t get a stop. I don’t think teams should get help if they can’t also help themselves.


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