Tiger fans,

Four days remain before LSU’s big-time, top-10 showdown with Auburn in the plains.

A few notes about the game:

-First, ESPN’s College Gameday will be in Auburn, making this game the official ‘Game of the Week’ among all of college football.

-Second, LSU is a 3-point favorite in Vegas, which is sort of surprising to me, considering the history of this series with the home team winning every game since 2000.

We will break down this game piece by piece throughout the week. Today, we will give a preview of the quarterback and tailback positions.


Both teams have a two quarterback system and each will play both guys extensively. But I just am uneasy about LSU’s guys. They did not even combine for 200 yards passing against North Texas, who averaged giving up nearly 350 passing in its first two games of the season. So for that reason, I will go with Auburn’s Kodi Burns and Chris Todd, although they have not been all that impressive either.

Advantage: Auburn


Ben Tate is a good one. A very good one. But with all due respect to him, he is no Charles Scott, who is a 150-yard game away from being on everyone’s Heisman list. Adding to LSU’s advantage is Keiland Williams, Richard Murphy and the rest of the gang who are capable of breaking down a defense in the second half. This one is easy.

Advantage: LSU

Last night was also a great night for football as the Cowboys beat the Eagles 41-37 in what may go down as one of the best Monday Night Football games in Texas Stadium history.

Both teams went back and forth for about 40 minutes before the Cowboys took over in the second half, outscoring the Eagles 17-7 in the final half to seal the win.

We all knew the Cowboys were legit. What we did not know is how legit the Eagles were.

But likewise, we saw the problem that they have had for the past 7-8 years: Donovan McNabb.

He can be as great as he wants. And his stat-line can look as good as anyone’s in the league. But when the going gets tough and plays need to be made, he folds.

Ala, fumbling on the handoff to Westbrook. Ala, overthrowing Westbrook on third down in the one before final drive on an easy dump pass. Ala, taking two sacks in a row in the final drive, killing his team’s momentum.

One’s a loser, always a loser and it is amazingly impressive the Eagles have had the success they have had the past 6-7 years with McNabb at the helm behind center.

With that being said, here is my new NFL Top 10:

1. New England Patriots (2-0) – I may be jumping the gun with this one. But I saw enough out of Matt Cassel to keep them near the top, if not on the top. The ways they will win are different. But I think the end result will be them winning all the same.

2. Dallas Cowboys – Haters will say the Cowboys looked very beatable in their win against the Eagles. But 2 things: 1) The Eagles are very, very good. 2) The Cowboys gift-wrapped 14 points to the Eagles and still won.

3. Green Bay Packers – ‘Brett who?’ is the saying of the week in Wisconsin after Aaron Rodgers had his second-straight dominant performance against the Lions.

4. Denver Broncos – The Broncos spit in the face of tradition and went for two with the game on the line against the Chargers and it worked. They have the best offense in the NFL outside of Dallas and I suspect they will stick around the duration of the season.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers – It was not pretty, but the Steelers moved to 2-0 with a win against the Browns in near monsoon conditions of the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

6. New York Giants – The G-Men won in stylish fashion again. But they were playing the Rams, afterall.

7. Philadelphia Eagles – There is no shame in losing to the Cowboys b y just four points in Texas Stadium. There is shame in thinking Donovan McNabb will ever rally his team to ‘the next level’. Whether it was fumbling on the handoff, or overthrowing a wide open Westbrook on third down, or taking big sack after big sack in the final drive, he cost the Eagles the game.

8. Buffalo Bills – No one has been as quiet as the Bills so far. But no one has been more impressive, recording a win against the Jags on Sunday.

9. Indianapolis Colts – The Colts were an eyelash away from being 0-2. But instead, rallied from 15 down in the final 20 minutes to win 18-15. They will only get stronger as the season moves by with Peyton Manning shaking off more and more rust from his offseason injury.

10. Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals sneak onto this list. Do I think they are ‘for real’? No, I don’t. But I do think they will easily win the NFC West, which gives them a home playoff game and a chance to make a run at it.


Brewers fire Yost in midst of playoff chase
– Umm…? WHAT?! The Brewers management has got to be out of their minds. They have to win right now as they will lose both Sabathia and Ben Sheets in the offseason. So they will fire their manager and endanger that? Humm . . . I smell something rotten.

BoSox hit 6 homers, tie Rays for 1st – This race is becoming increasingly irrelevant because both teams will get into the playoffs. But I think it still means a lot for the Rays who may get the label of ‘chokers’ if they only win the Wild Card.

Smith rejoins unbeaten Panthers – I won’t lie. I jotted down Carolina as 0-2 when I saw Smith was out for two games. But now that they are 2-0, I think they have to be the favorite to probably win the NFC South — although I still think the Saints are a better top-to-bottom team than Carolina.

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That’s all for me today.

Take care, guys and gals!

Geaux Cowboys!