Tiger fans,

A short update today as I have had a very, very long day.

As everyone knows, the LSU/Auburn game has been one of the most intense and most competitive games in the country the past 7-8 years.

Here is a more thorough breakdown of the rivalry.

4-straight games decided by less than 7 points.


2007: 30-24 LSU

2006: 7-3 Auburn

2005: 20-17 OT LSU

2004: 10-9 Auburn


2-straight “31-7’s”


2003: 31-7 LSU

2002: 31-7 Auburn


2001: 27-14 LSU

2000: 34-17 Auburn


The winner of this game has won the West 6 of the past 8 years with LSU winning the West every time they beat Auburn in that span.

Cumulative Score:

In Tiger Stadium:

LSU 108

Auburn 62

In Jordan-Hare Stadium:

Auburn 82

LSU 36


Total combined score since 2000

LSU 144

Auburn 144


So as you guys can see, on the field, the two teams are as similar as you can get. And I expect it to be much more of the same Saturday.

But the main thing LSU has to be concerned with is that “82-36” advantage Auburn has in Jordan-Hare Stadium in the last four meetings between the teams there.

If you average it out, the average final score in the past 4 games played in Auburn has been:

Auburn 20.5


So, that will be a very, very big obstacle for LSU’s inexperienced quarterbacks Jarrett Lee and Andrew Hatch to overcome in what will be their first career SEC game.


We will continue to break down this matchup piece by piece today. Let’s continue with the receivers and offensive linemen.

Receivers/tight end: Auburn has a very good starting group led by Rodgeriqus Smith. But I will go with LSU here because of their depth. While Auburn’s 1-2 guys match up well with Brandon LaFell and Demetrius Byrd and Richard Dickson, I think Auburn does not have answers for Chris Mitchell, Jared Mitchell, Trindon Holliday and others.

Advantage: LSU

Offensive Line: This one is so difficult to call. I think LSU is pound-for-pound the best unit in college football. But I think Auburn has the perfect unit for their system. So I will be a cop-out and just call it a push.

Advantage: Push

With Monday Night Football in the books, here is our finalized Week 2 standings in the pick’em game.

Again, we will be determining the winner by WINNING PERCENTAGE, not by total wins or losses, because of Boura’s obstacles with electricity and such following Gustav and Ike making him unavailable to play this week.

So here is how we stand right now.

Casey: 18-12

Richard: 17-13

Cody: 17-13

Boura: 6-9

I will give you guys our list of games we’re choosing from later in the week.



Howard’s HR catapults Phillies into first place – Good to see the Mets folding under the pressure . . . AGAIN.

Woods won’t attend Ryder Cup – Nor should he. This is about America vs. Europe and Tiger is respectful enough to the event to understand that his being there will make the event about him and not about the players who earned their right to be on the team.

Mountain West wants inclusion into BCS – I am normally the person yapping about how the small schools do not deserve to be in the BCS. And I still believe that. But with that being said, BYU defeating 59-0 shows to me that they are as legit as they come and will be a force to be reckoned with this year.


YouTube Video of the Day:

Another LSU/Auburn clip

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