Tiger Fans,

Just 2 days remain before LSU’s showdown with Auburn and suspense is really beginning to build.

LSU coach Les Miles had his usual Wednesday press conference yesterday and you could just sense something was different. You could sense that little extra flame burning in his belly.
I do not know the outcome of Saturday’s game, obviously, but I can tell you Miles and co. will do everything in their power to make sure LSU is as prepared as ever.
While yes, this may seem like a usual ‘LSU/Auburn’ matchup, this game is more for Miles.
Because in his career at LSU, he has done everything. He’s won the Western Division. He’s won the SEC. He’s won the National Championship. But the one thing he has not done is conquer some of the SEC powerhouses on the road.
Miles has made it a personal challenge of his this season to achieve victory in major road venues like the Swamp or like Jordan-Hare Stadium, because he knows if he can turn LSU into a dominant road team that he will be able to compete for national championships every season, not just every ‘odd-year’ season like LSU seems to be doing now.

Here is the defensive line and linebacker breakdowns for this weekend’s matchup in the Plains of Alabama.

Defensive Line: Auburn has a very fine front-four. A very, very fine front four. But they don’t have LSU’s front four. The Tigers (of LSU) have 2-3 reserves who could start on 95% of the defensive lines in America. They come at you in waves and will reak havoc on Auburn’s plans this weekend.

Advantage: LSU

Linebackers: LSU is very thin at linebacker even on a good day. But with All-American Darry Beckwith down with a leg/ankle injury, they are even thinner. Auburn’s corp. on the other hand, held down Mississippi State’s power running attack to the tune of just two points and barely more than 100 yards of total offense.

Advantage: Auburn

Although LSU and Auburn is the premiere game on the SEC slate this weekend, several other big-time matchups will take place around the league.

Here is the SEC schedule.

Mississippi State at Georgia Tech 11:00 a.m.
Bama at Arkansas 11:30 a.m.
Florida at Tennessee 2:30 p.m.
Wofford at S. Carolina 6:00 p.m.
Vandy at Ole Miss 6:00 p.m.
Georgia at Zona State 7:00 p.m.

The three games of most interest to me are Florida/Tennessee, MSU/Ga Tech and Georgia/Zona State.

If you want an upset, look out for Zona State possibly pushing Georgia into the loss column out West.


Vikings bench Jackson, start Frerotte
– So much for the Vikings not wanting Brett Favre because they were committed to Jackson. Just two games into the season, they have pulled the plug and it’s truly for the best. Jackson is a broken machine that can not be fixed.

Colts’ Sanders out 6 weeks – I am not in any way saying Bob Sanders has faked injuries or anything of that sort. When a guy says he is hurt, then I take his word for it and assume he is hurt. But I just think it’s strange how good the football Gods have been to the Colts in that it seems as though Sanders always returns just in time for the stretch run of the season.

Arenas to miss first month of the season – Agent-Zero is heading into a real danger zone. This is his third surgery in 18 months. That is heading closer and closer to Grant Hill territory. I hope I am wrong, because I love watching Arenas play. But I have to wonder if he will ever be the explosive player that he was 2 seasons ago.


YouTube Video of the Day:

Another LSU/Auburn vid.


That’s all for me, guys and gals.

Have a blessed Thursday!