Just one more day remains before the showdown of the Tigers at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

I slice this game up daily and I break everything down 2-3 times a day and no matter how I do the math, I see this as a very even matchup between two very even teams.

I will give the final position breakdowns of this matchup, defensive backs and special teams.

Defensive Backs:

Was I the only one who was not impressed with the way the LSU D-Backs played against the Mean Green? Can I go as far as saying I thought they actually played pretty poorly? The Mean Green picked on Chris Hawkins all night and it worked to the tune of more than 10 catches for North Texas receiver Casey Fitzgerald. Auburn, on the other hand, allowed just 78 passing yards this weekend to the Bulldogs.

Advantage: Auburn

Special Teams:

LSU has a better field goal team and faster coverage units. But I think Auburn’s kickoff kicker and punter are far better than LSU’s. And that will be a big factor in this game as I see a lot of punts in the future for both teams. I think the X-Factor is LSU’s return teams. I don’t see anyone that sizes up with Trindon Holliday on Auburn’s roster, so I give LSU the small edge.

Advantage: LSU


I’ve broken down this matchup position by position throughout the week. But now, let me give to you three keys for each team if they want to win this game.

Keys for LSU:

1. Field Position – LSU lost in 2006 solely because Auburn’s punter continuously pinned LSU deep inside of their own territory. With 2 great defenses on the field, it is just not feasible to have a 85-yard drive, so field position is so important.

2. Quarterback play – Whether it’s Hatch, Lee, or Jefferson, LSU needs to find someone who can stare into the eyes of the Auburn defense and complete that big third down pass or that big second and long pass.

3. Secondary play – The LSU DB’s were not very good against North Texas. Yes, Auburn’s offense has had growing pains. But if LSU shows weakness early, they are more than talented enough to pounce on that weakness.

Keys for Auburn:

1. Win the trenches – LSU has the best offensive and defensive lines in the country. But Auburn ain’t half bad either. They have to hold their own against the solid LSU fronts.

2. Hold onto the ball – Auburn has fumbled an absurd amount so far this year. If they turn over the ball 3-4 times, they have no chance.

3. Big Play Busters – LSU has scored so far this year on big plays. Whether by Trindon Holliday or Charles Scott, LSU has relied on the 50-60 yard play. If you take those out of the equation, you may find a crippled LSU.

Picks coming tomorrow.


Here are the games we will be picking this week in our pick’em game.

1. LSU -2.5 at Auburn
2. Vandy +7 at Ole Miss
3. Bama -8.5 at Arkansas
4. Florida -7.5 at Tennessee
5. Georgia -7 at Zona St.
6. Va Tech +3 at UNC


1. Bengals +13.5 at Giants
2. Jags +5.5 at Colts
3. Cowboys -3 at Packers
4. Texans +5 at Titans
5. Dolphins +12.5 at Patriots
6. Saints +5.5 at Broncos

37.5: LSU and Auburn
51: Broncos/Saints
48.5: ND/Michigan State

Should be a fun week. I will post our picks on Saturday morning.


The Saints are hitting the field again Sunday against the hot Broncos.

I will have more about this game in Sunday morning’s post, but I can say that the team will have their work cut out for them with a short-handed secondary and a very strong Broncos’ passing attack.

But as far as all of the hype Jay Cutler and the Broncos are getting — it’s just insane. The kid is playing well. But the only thing he has clinched in his career is that he won’t go 1-15 this season. Let’s see if the Broncos are still a powerhouse in December before we appoint Cutler the new president of the world.

Let us not forget that had the officials made the correct ruling last week that he would not be a hero, but would rather be a goat for fumbling to cost his team the game.



Peterson too sore to practice – I normally don’t call out head coaches in Week 3 of the NFL season. But Brad Childress has no idea how to run a Superbowl team. The Vikings’ Plan A-Plan Z all involve Peterson touching the ball every play. While yeah, he is a freak. He is also a human and will wear down before the season ends.

Mickelson-Kim paired for Ryder Cup opener – I don’t really understand why people are saying the Americans are such an overwhelming underdog without Tiger. First off, Tiger only played in a handful of matches each Cup. Second, he was not a very good Ryder Cup player anyway.

Dumars says Pistons to stand pat – I love Joe Dumars and I think he is one of the best Execs in the NBA, so I will trust his judgment, because he knows his team better than I do. But it’s been 2 rough postseasons for Detroit and I think it may be time they look into adding a few pieces from the outside.


YouTube Video of the Day:

Yet another LSU/Auburn clip.

Enjoy your day!

God Bless!