Guys and gals,

Short update today.

School is rocking my world.

But LSU had a pretty good practice day yesterday as the team moved closer to its game with Mississippi State.

I think people on the surface realize how much LSU’s dominated Mississippi State in the past, but did you guys know that the last time LSU did not beat these guys by 30+ was the 2002 season? In the SEC, that’s a very, very long time for one team to get taken the to woodshed.

With that being said, will the streak continue this weekend?

I don’t know.

But I can tell you that LSU fans can expect to see a very hefty dose of Charles Scott yet again Saturday. The Bulldogs gave up 430, count ’em, 430 rushing yards to Georgia Tech last Saturday, so I expect the good ole fashioned ground and pound to be back in effect Saturday.

What hurts the Bulldogs so much in this game in my opinion is just that their style is a style impossible to have if you hope to succeed against LSU.

I said this yesterday, but I’ll say it again. Who in this country can line up with a base power-eye formation and run it down LSU’s gut? No one. But that is what MSU will try to do Saturday.

I got a couple of emails in the past few days, so I will answer them here and leave things at that for today.

Q.  What do you see as the ratio for the quarterbacks this weekend?

A. I see Hatch starting. I see Lee coming in around the end of the 1st quarter/beginning of the 2nd quarter during LSU’s 3rd or so possession. A couple of things about this situation. First off, I hear people saying they want to dump Hatch out of the rotation entirely. That right now, I’d think would be the worst possible thing to do. Yeah, he might not have played as well as Lee in that one half against Auburn. But let us not forget that a lot of you same folks were saying Hatch was the better QB through two games. My basic point is this: They are both inexperienced. They will both have their good and their bad days. Keep both of their confidences as high as possible so that if it’s Lee’s turn to get nicked up or to have a bad game, then Hatch will be ready to rock ‘n’ roll and vice versa, so to answer the question, I see both being in the cards again Saturday and also for the rest of the season.

For those who follow me the various places I visit, you know I am probably the biggest Lee supporter out there. But with that being said, he is not nowhere near as good as he played in the 2nd half of that game. He is a blend of the 1st half and the 2nd half or AKA above average.

And another reason why we will see Hatch a lot Saturday is the schedule. Look at the offensive playbook in the North Texas and Appalachian State games and then look at it against Auburn. Against Auburn there were wrinkles, trick plays, etc… AKA it was the whole playbook.

With Florida up next on the schedule, I don’t think Miles will want to overtip his hand to the Gators on Saturday if Lee is indeed the guy they are trying to turn it over to.

Q. Will Charles Scott get invited to the Heisman ceremony this year?

A. You know, he probably should, but the odds are not in his favor. You know Tebow is a lock. You know Knowshon Moreno is a lock. Scott would be the 3rd SEC player to get invited and three from one league is very, very rare. I will say this, though: If he opts to come back for a senior season, I think he will be one of a select 3-4 guys who will be a favorite to win it. What hurts him right now, though is that in the preseason if you would have asked sportswriters to make a Top 100 list, he probably wouldn’t have even been on it. That’s just too much ground to make up.

Q. Best team in the country right now?

A. Florida. They’ve always one of the best and most feared offenses. Now they’re playing a little defense, too.

Best coach in the country right now?

A. Miles. I really believe that, too. I grade coaching on winnning, recruiting and ability to control a locker room (grades, chemistry, etc…).

Part I: Miles wins at an amazing clip (38-6 at LSU)

Part II: Just look at the talent on the field when LSU plays. Someone is getting those players.

Part III: Those kids would die for this guy on Saturday if him told them to. And I guess it makes sense when you think about it from a college kid’s perspective.

1. NFL – He has sent countless tons to the NFL (where all these guys want to end up)

2. Method to Madness – Has there been a gamble that this guy has made in his career at LSU that hasn’t worked? From Day 1 with the fake punt against Zona State, he has been rolling the dice and hitting snake eyes. After 4 years of doing that, you have to realize it’s not luck anymore.


Anyway, today was a little different. I hope you enjoyed the change up. And also your Wednesday!