Something amazing is happening this season in the NFL. Despite an early trade deadline this season (October 14), there are a good handful of teams who can honestly say, “this isn’t our year, we should try to stock up on draft picks for next year.” Usually by the trade deadline, teams still have a shadow of hope or a reason to believe they can turn things around. This year, the terrible are terrible and that’s that. Sure there are some exceptions. None of us know how Brady Quinn will do once the Browns realize that they gave a fat extension to a one year wonder. But that may be the only case. The Chiefs, Lions, Rams, and Bengals all are terrible in one sense or the other and should probably start thinking about making changes. Some of these teams have already done so (bye bye Matt Millen). There are others who may emerge in the next few weeks, but for now, these are the consensus bottom 4 in the NFL this season. Here are the players that should be moved from these four teams, before they waste the few years they have left, or their entire prime years, buried in the rut of mediocrity.

Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Tony Gonzalez-The guy may not want to leave, but he isn’t getting any younger, and I don’t think he’d regret if the Chiefs would do him the favor. I mean, the guy has never won a playoff game. Possible Destinations: Eagles, Bucs, Panthers, Jags, and the Bills could all go use Gonzalez as an upgrade at the position over L.J. Smith, Jerramy “run your mouth” Stevens, Dante Rosario, Mercedes Lewis, and whoever the hell Buffalo’s throwing to now days. 
  2. Larry Johnson-This back may very well be in the prime of his career, and with his bruising running style, who knows for how long. His best years shouldn’t be wasted on a team this terrible, a la Barry Sanders. Unlike Tony Gonzalez, I’m sure this guy wouldn’t oppose to being shipped out to a winner. Possible Destinations: Bucs, Packers, Texans, and even the Saints if Deuce truly is dressing out for nothing. Earnest Graham and Ryan Grant are both underachieving after big step-in roles due to injuries last year. I really can’t see Steve Slaton withstanding the beating of a whole NFL season as a feature back. 
St. Louis Rams
  1. Torry Holt-After being able to be a part of “The Greatest Show On Turf”, Holt has to be feeling like this is the greatest joke on turf (only because the Cheifs play outdoors). Holt can still contribute for a few years. I’m sure there are plenty of teams who would like a sure handed veteran like Torry on their rosters. Possible Destinations: I could roll off half the league here, but seeing as he’d only want to play for a true contender, I’d say Cowboys, Vikings, Titans, Giants, Eagles, and Chargers.
  2. Stephen Jackson-See Larry Johnson. The Rams are a good half a decade away from getting anywhere the way it looks, and those are years that Jackson doesn’t have to sit around and waste his abilities on. Possible Destinations: Same as Johnson. 
Detroit Lions
  1. Roy Williams-This guy could really help a contender with receiver problems. I’m sure he’d love it. As I’m sure everyone would love to get out of this organization. Matt Millen really knew what he was doing!! Possible Destinations: Cowboys, Vikings, Bucs, Ravens, Giants, Bears, and Titans
  2. Ernie Sims-A team with serious help needed at the defensive end could certainly use Sims at linebacker. Possible Destinations: Saints, Broncos, Browns, Cardinals, and Panthers
Cincinatti Bengals
  1. Chad Ocho Cinco-I had to laugh as I was typing that. Everyone knows that he and his counterpart T.J. need to get outta here. Carson Palmer as well but as you’ve noticed I’ve excluded QB’s from this column because of the unlikeliness of it happening. Ocho Cinco would enjoy playing for a winner again. Possible Destinations: NFC East, Bucs, Vikings, Bills, 49ers, Jags, or Titans would all welcome the often imitated but never duplicated athlete who is sometimes referred to as a cancer.
  2. T.J. Houshmanzadeh-I hope I spelled that right. T.J. should be moved for all the same reasons as Chad because he is just as good, if not better lately, than Johnson. With T.J. you get all the skills, minus the show, so leave your popcorn in the pantry for this guy folks, that may not be a bad thing. Possible Destinations: Same as Johnson. 
Well that’s all for me. Have a great day folks!
Geaux Tigers, Geaux Saints!!!!