I apologize for yesterday. Technical delays altered my original plans to post the update.

Anywho, just more than 24 hours remain before LSU kicks off with Mississippi State.

The Bulldogs are a tough team to figure out. Are they as good on defense as they showed against Auburn? Or are they the team who gave up 430+ rushing yards to Georgia Tech on Saturday?

Either way, I think you will see LSU take this game very seriously as on paper and in Sunday’s newspaper, this game counts as much for an SEC Championship as the Auburn game did.

With that being said, here are my keys to victory for both teams.

Keys for LSU:

1. Front-7 – If the LSU front-7 does . . . what they always do, LSU should win this game by a comfortable margin. Mississippi State’s playbook has 5 plays. Run to the left, run to the right, run up the middle, play action fake and Hail Mary. I know obviously that sounds bad. But the general point is that they run a very basic offense.

2. Hatch/Lee limbo – LSU needs to do the best they can to keep both players’ confidence high. Because yes, Lee played great against Auburn, LSU needs to have someone to put in the fire when he has another first half like he did, because those will come. He is a freshman and will be one all year. I remind you all of the highs and lows of JaMarcus Russell his freshman year.

3. DB danger – The LSU DBs have been flawless this year. But when they’ve made mistakes, it’s been in coverage mistakes and missed assignments. For an offense who has problems scoring anyway, LSU can not give MSU a ‘cheap one’.

Keys for MSU:

1. Dixon – Anthony Dixon is the MSU offense. He is the best that they’ve got. And they will want to pound it to him early and often. If he gets in the 125, 150, 175-yard range, it’s danger for LSU.

2. Tackling – Basic, I know. But in every long run Charles Scott has had this year, it seems as though he breaks 4-5 tackles, most of them close to the line of scrimmage. If they bring Scott and the other LSU weapons to the ground when they get their hands on them, they can make things tough for the Tigers.

3. Time of possession – MSU can not beat LSU in a shootout. They just can’t. But if they slow down the game and control the clock to their favor, they can maybe win a 14-10 or a 13-6 game.


With all of that being said, I will give some final touches on this tomorrow.

But for now, here are the games we will be picking this weekend.

NOTE: We will do 8 college this week, because with so many NFL teams having byes, there is limited selection.

1. North Carolina +7.5 at Miami

2. Ole Miss +22 at Florida

3. Va Tech +7 at Nebraska

4. Bama +6.5 at Georgia

5. Tennessee +6.5 at Auburn

6. MSU +24.5 at LSU

7. Arkansas +27 at Texas

8. Illinois +16 at Penn State


1. 49ers +5.5 at Saints

2. Green Bay +1 at Tampa Bay

3. Vikings +3 at Titans

4. Redskins +11 at Cowboys


Bama/Georgia: 45

Saints/9ers: 48.5



Burress to appeal suspension – You know, people have issues. As the Forrest Gump shirt says: S*it happens. But when you just don’t tell the team you’re not showing up, that’s the problem.

Troy Brown retires – Alas, one of the most underrated players in my generation. Wide out, punt returner, defensive back. You name it, Brown played it. And he has a handful of rings because of it.

Rockets match offer sheet for Landry
– Great move for my Rockets. Landry is a very key piece in the equation and losing him to the Bobcats would have been a crushing blow.


YouTube Video of the Day:

This kid can play.

That’s it for me. Have a good one, folks.