Tiger fans,

LSU rolled to 4-0 on Saturday with a 34-24 win against Mississippi State on Saturday.

Jarrett Lee started the first game of his collegiate career and looked very sharp, completing 18-of-27 passes for 261 yards and a touchdown to lead LSU to the win.

You know my style, folks. If you guys want a play-by-play analysis, go to lsusports.net or to espn.com. I assume the majority of my readers watched the game from home or attended in person, so you know how it went down.

Now let me give to you my 2-cents.

1. Jarrett Lee can potentially be ‘something else’- Sure, he makes the occasional “what are you thinking?” play. But he is a freshman (and will be one all season). He is far ahead of JaMarcus Russell in his freshman season and that kid turned out to be quite a player for LSU, right? Lee is a special, special player and will be a very good one for LSU.

2. Walking wounded – The bye week comes at the right time for LSU as Charles Alexander, Ricky Jean-Francois and Darry Beckwith are all beat up on the LSU defense. 13 days to lick wounds before Florida will be good for those guys heading into that Florida game.

3. Hatch MIA – Hatch did not practice all week as a precaution from last weekend’s concussion against Auburn. With Lee separating himself more and more with each moment, it’s unclear what the plan is at quarterback, but Hatch did not play because he was injured. Not because he was benched. He was an emergency quarterback only.

4. Holliday at WR, WRs as a whole – Trindon Holliday made the first catch of his CAREER tonight, catching a little hook from Lee. Kinda hard to believe with the Tigers heavy utilization of the bubble screen that tonight would be his first, but it was. Terrance Toliver also got his first catch of the year tonight, catching a bomb from Lee. If LSU can get that steady play from the Chris Mitchell’s and Terrance Toliver’s of the world, that makes life easier for Brandon LaFell who is clearly Lee’s favorite target.


Folks may be saying that LSU ‘won ugly’. But I’ll tell you what, I’d sure rather win ugly than . . . LOSE like many of the other teams in the Top 10 did in this college football week.

No. 1 USC, gone

No. 3 Georgia, gone

No. 4 Florida, gone

No. 9 Wisconsin, c’ya later

That’s right. Four in the Top 10 bite the bullet this week, with three of the four losing to unranked teams.

What a weekend like this one does is opens the flood gates. Now back in the mix are teams like Ohio State and even all of the teams who lost today, because it is more and more likely by the minute that a one-loss team will make the title game again this year.

Of all the ‘one-loss’ teams, I like USC the best. I know, it’s the easy pick. But they will not play a ranked opponent again this season and they should (if they play well) cake-walk to 11-1.

I normally give you my SEC top 12 on Monday, so I will throw a curveball tonight and give you my national Top 5.

1. Oklahoma – They have stomped on the throats of everyone they have played this year.

2. Alabama – I go with Bama number 2, because I think they have a similar resume to LSU. Both have 2 quality wins. Bama beat Clemson and Georgia. LSU beat MSU and Auburn. But I think Beating Georgia in their place outweighs beating Auburn in theirs, so I go with the Tide #2.

3. LSU – Where LSU and Bama are in relation to one another is fairly irrelevant as they will settle this argument on the field in November.

4. Texas – The quiet team on the block right now is Texas who just silently keeps plotting along unbeaten.

5. Missou – Missou did not look very sharp in their last game out, so they drop back. But again, where there are in relation to OU and Texas is irrelevant also as they will likely play the winner of OU and Texas’s game in the Big 12 Title Game.



Santana pulls Mets into stalemate with Brewers – I’ve said a lot of rotten things about Santana, just because I am not a fan of the Mets. But man, we he ever nails yesterday, pitching a complete game, shutout on short rest when his team’s season was on the line.

Favre questionable, expected to play – The streak alas will live on. Favre usually plays his best when he is hurt or when all of his team’s chips are on the table. Lucky for Jets’ fans both cases apply tomorrow as 1-3 spells doom for the Jets.

Phils take home NL East – It seems the Phillies always get lost in the mess that is the Mets. But they are 2-time NL East Champions now, so much love to those guys.


YouTube Video of the Day:

Wow, Wow, Wow.

Happy Sunday, Tigers!