Tiger fans,

The Saints were playing with, in my opinion, their seasons on the line Sunday and they responded big-time, pounding the 49ers 31-17 in a game that was closer than the scoreboard indicated because of two redzone turnovers by San Fran quarterback JT O’Sullivan.

With the win, the Black and Gold is now 2-2 and already back in the hunt in the NFC South because no one has really taken the ball and run with it yet.

Here are my observations from yesterday’s win.

1. Deuce’s Wild – The Saints are 2-2. And should be 4-0 if not for Sean Payton’s “plan” to ease Deuce back into action. That really made me laugh when the announcers mentioned it during the telecast, because it’s such horse crap. Is Deuce any more or less healthy today than he was on Wednesday of last week? Is he more healthy today than he was 10 days ago? Long story short, he’s been ready to rock and roll since preseason (that’s why he was medically cleared to play by doctors, who know more about ACL’s than Sean Payton does).

2. Gimme, Gimme Moore- This Lance Moore kid can really play. I said before the season the Saints needed a legit receiver to run alongside Meachem. I think Lance Moore is that. With Shockey, Meachem and Bush all running routes around him, he doesn’t have to be Jerry Rice — he just needs to catch the ball. And he did that Sunday and has done that all season.

3. Pressure packed D-Line – Give props to Ed Orgeron. I do not know what he told his defensive line, or what he saw on film. But the Saints punched O’Sullivan in the mouth all afternoon and forced wild throws, which a couple of times ended up in the hands of Saints defenders.

4. Same ole story with DBs – Yes, they did have 2 INTs in big spots. But to be able to get a turnover in the redzone, it means you allowed your opponent to get in the red zone in the first place. The Saints played well (probably the best they’ve played all season) on Sunday. But the defense still got bullied quite a bit, to the tune of 257 yards passing for O’Sullivan.

But all things considered, it’s a great win and like I said before, probably the best the team has played all season.


In LSU news, the polls are out and the voices of reason have spoken and LSU is No. 2 in the Coaches Poll and the Harris poll, while being jumped by Bama in the AP Poll where LSU is #3.

I know I will hear all week “Blah, blah, blah, LSU should be above Bama.” But you know what? It’s really irrelevant. It really is. Because the Tigers get their chance to let this issue be decided on the field, so whether LSU is #2 now or #4 now, or #5 now, it doesn’t matter. They have the brunt of their schedule left on the table and names like Florida (maybe twice), Georgia (maybe twice) and Alabama yet to go. So just win and everything else will take care of itself.

With all that being said, here is my new SEC power rankings.

1. Alabama – It’s hard to hide leading Georgia in their building 31-3 in the first half.

2. LSU – Probably played their second-to-worst game of the entire season Saturday. But a win is a win. (just ask Florida).

3. Vanderbilt – Do I think Vanderbilt is the third best team in the SEC? No. I don’t. Not even close. But they are 2-0 in the league and are still unbeaten. The next challenge for this team will being able to win games with the bulls-eye on their chests, because they are ranked in the Top 20 nationally now. It’s hard to hide being Cinderella when you have that little number next to your school’s name now.

4. Georgia – Georgia and Florida are a virtual tie to me at this point. But I go with UGA here, because I don’t know about you, but I’d rather lose to Bama than to Ole Miss.

5. Florida – I looked on the schedule and tried to rationalize this loss. I looked at the schedule and tried to see if they were looking ahead to an opponent next week. But then I saw they were playing Arkansas and decided #5 was the spot for the Gators.

6. Auburn – Auburn didn’t look good — again running their spread offense, but won 14-12 against Tennessee. But be forewarned, Auburn is not done losing games this season. Their offense is a mess.

7. Ole Miss – I thought the near miss against Wake Forest was just attributed to Wake being overrated (see Saturday’s loss to Navy). But I guess I was wrong. Houston Nutt is good for one upset a year.

8. Kentucky – Quick: Name me the four unbeaten teams in the SEC. Kentucky is one of them.

9. South Carolina – They won against UAB, although they really didn’t look so hot doing it. But a win is a win.

10. Tennessee – 1-3 start for the Vols. Wow. Who woulda thunk it? Umm…? ME! I predicted this 1-3 start in my preseason game in August.

11. Mississippi State – State played reasonably well against LSU. They just have no resemblance of an offense. For every play they gain 4-5 yards, they have another where they lose 4-5.

12. Arkansas – Terrible in every sense of the word. Period.


OK, guys.

This will be a little bit of a changeup. But the Sunday Night Football game is boring me and I am curious.

You all know about the Madden Curse, where the player on the cover of Madden has a bad year, or whatever?

If you do not know what I am talking about, here is a picture:

You see Eddie George (quickly extinct), Daunte Culpepper (injured then extinct), etc… All of the above players had significant falls off the faces of the earth or injuries in the season they were on the cover of the game.

But the point of the story is the evolution of the jinx. It appears to me that it has a new strain this year.

Here is the coverboy this year.

At least so far Favre hasn’t been jinxed. He leads the world in touchdown passes and has been great for the 2-2 Jets.

But this is where the new strain of virus comes into play.

Alas, it’s Ed Hochuli. The NFL’s “strong” referee.

Now, correct me if I am wrong on this one, as I am in noway an investigative reporter. But I know Hochuli is on Madden this year. I see him every day when I play it on my PS3 consul.

So if this is his first year on the game, then is he the guy who got the ‘jinx-bug’ this year?

We all know the story with the Chargers/Broncos fumble. But he made an equally bad call yesterday, calling a roughing the passer penalty (helmet-to-helmet) hit in the Bucs/Packers game yesterday that replay showed was clearly NOT a helmet-to-helmet hit.

So just some food for thought and something to pay attention to as they year goes on. 🙂

And if any of you do not play Madden or video games, then I apologize for wasting the last 3 minutes of your life.


Brew-Crew seal NL Wild Card – My Cowboys lost. But it is still a good day in Appt 207 today, because the Brewers won and the Mets lost, thus knocking the Mets out of playoff contention.

Favre’s six TDs lead Jets to win – I just knew Favre would have a big game today. (see yesterday’s post) Dude just shows up when it seems like the odds are out of his favor.

White Sox win, now have to win 2 more to get to October – The Sox have to beat the Tigers today to complete their regular season tied with the Twins. Once they do that, then they have to play the Twins in a playoff game on Tuesday to see who goes to the playoffs. Do I think they can do it? I don’t know. But I hope so, because they have a chance to make noise, unlike the Twins who are an annual easy out for someone in the AL.


Alas, it’s playoff baseball time — one of my favorite times of the year!

That’s all for me, people.

Happy Monday!