Tiger fans,

There is no opponent to prepare for this week . . . because LSU has a bye this weekend.

But have no fear. This week to make up for the lag-time, I will give my 4-game progress reports of each position thus far this season, beginning today with QB’s and RB’s.


This was a C or a C- until the second half of the Auburn game. For the first 2 and a half games of the season, LSU was wasting its weapons and wasting their ability to move down the field vertically. But since Jarrett Lee’s monster second half against Auburn, LSU has utilized its weapons better and have thus become a more effective offense.

Grade: B-

What to look for the rest of the year: Jarrett Lee – It’s becoming obvious LSU will go as far as Lee leads them. If he plays with poise and avoids the critical mistake in a game, LSU can be great. If he plays like the Auburn first half ever again, LSU can lose to anyone on their schedule the rest of the year. And yes, I mean anyone, because Tulane is much improved this year and Troy is no slouch either.


The strength of the team (other than defensive line). Charles Scott has emerged from the pack as an absolute maniac, rushing for 100 yards in four straight games. And Richard Murphy and Keiland Williams haven’t been slouches either. They just have not earned the ability to take carries from LSU’s Heisman candidate.

Grade: A


NFL Power Rankings:

1. New York Giants – The NFC East is like the SEC in football. And the Giants are the last unbeaten left.

2. Tennessee Titans – I refuse to downplay the Titans anymore. Beating the Vikings is a hard thing to do. The Saints will find this out next weekend.

3. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys played poorly in every aspect of the game and only lost to a good team by a few points. They’ll be back.

4. Buffalo Bills – The Bills have a 1 1/2 game lead in the division and are still unbeaten. Have they beaten anyone legit yet? I don’t think so. But they are still unbeaten.

5. Tampa Bay Bucs – The Bucs have switched from Garcia to Griese and it’s worked so far. I just like the makeup of their team, for some reason.

6. Carolina Panthers – I think the Panthers are extremely overrated. But they are 3-1. So you can not ignore that until they prove to me that I am right.

7. Washington Redskins – The Skins are quiet and are boring to watch. But so far, they are winning. And that’s all that matters.

8. Denver Broncos – They will fall more than this before year’s end. Loss to the Chiefs? Get real.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – After an 0-2 start, the Jags are back with 2-straight wins. Expect the usual 11-5, 10-6 season from those guys.

10. New Orleans Saints – I liked what the Saints did Sunday. I really did. They ran it, threw it. Played a little defense. They don’t have to be a great defensive team. They just have to not be terrible. They do that, they’ll win their share.



Sox beat Tigers, force playoff with Twins – I like the Sox. But the Twins have history on their side. And are more rested.

Ginoboli to miss 2 months – This is not a year to miss 2 months in the West. Could the Spurs maybe miss the playoffs? Or be a very low seed once they get into the playoffs?

McGrady says left shoulder is arthritic and knee is not healed – Do not read into this, because in the fine print he says that he will be ready before the season starts. That’s all that matters. T-Mac is notorious for trying to make people feel sorry for him during training camp so that he can cop out on preseason.


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Have a good day, folks!