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Tiger fans,

Short update today, because there just really is nothing going on.

LSU has no opponent to prepare for, so all we really have is down time between now and next week when the Florida hype begins.

LSU is doing two things primarily this week.

1. Lick Wounds – Darry Beckwith, Charles Alexander, Ricky Jean-Francois are the notable walking wounded. But really the entire LSU team is a little beat up after such a physical game with Mississippi State. But LSU coach Les Miles did say he expects everyone who played last week to be ready this week and also said that Darry Beckwith is a “likely to probably” for the game and that Andrew Hatch will be ready also.

2. Housekeeping and extra Gator prep – The first half of this week will be internally focused. Whether it’s fixing pass coverage schemes or whether it’s forcing more turnovers, or whatever the issue may be, the front end of the week is dedicated to fixing the problems that have arisen from the first four games of the year. The second half of the week will be a little extra homework geared toward stopping Florida’s potent offense. LSU has had a ton of experience stopping the spread offense, having faced it in three of their four games this year, but no one runs that offense the way Florida does, so it will be a huge challenge to LSU.


With that being said, here are 2 more position grades 1/3 through the season.

Wide receiver:

The wide outs looked inconsistent early. But that was primarily because of the inconsistent play of the quarterbacks. With Jarrett Lee’s emergence, they have looked the way they should look — dominant. What is interesting to me is the role reversal we’ve seen at the position this year. I think people expected Demetrius Byrd to be the undisputed #1 after his heroics last year. But instead, Brandon LaFell has emerged as the team’s go-to-guy with Byrd serving as a complimentary receiver/deep play threat. I think the LSU unit is good, but could become great if guys like Terrance Toliver, Chris Mitchell, Jared Mitchell and Trindon Holliday keep making plays in the stretch run of the season.

Grade: B

Offensive Line:

If Charles Scott is a Heisman Candidate in your eyes, then you have to also give dap to the LSU offensive line, who has opened up canal-sized holes regularly. The thing about the LSU O-Line is there is no weakness. Most units have one guy who you can point to as the sore-spot. But out of Ciron Black, Herman Johnson, Brett Helms, Lyle Hitt and Joe Barksdale, you tell me who is the weak link? Answer: None of them.

Grade: B+


Tomorrow is the first day of October, so consequently, it’s the start of one of my favorite things — the MLB Playoffs.

I do not know how many of you are true-blue baseball fans like myself, but even if you’re not, I encourage you all to keep your eyes on the MLB postseason.

It’s like the NHL Playoffs, in that every game is lights-out and every series is highly competitive.

With all the MLB butt kissing complete, here are my first round picks.


Cubs vs. Dodgers

The Cubs are the sexy pick, because they were so good during the season. But I just have major problems with their pitching depth.

1. Game 1 starter Ryan Dempster has not ever done it as a starter on this grand a stage

2. Carlos Zambrano has been freakishly inconsistent since his no-hitter

3. Rich Harden throws tons and tons of pitches and has problems going deep into ballgames.

So, I think the curse will continue and Joe Torre will be able to work his magic to get the Dodgers into the NLCS.

My Pick: Dodgers in 4

Phillies vs. Brewers

This one is tough. I do not think the Brewers will lose any game CC Sabathia pitches. But I also do not know if they can win any other game he doesn’t pitch. I am not madly in love with the Phillies, by any means. But because I do not know what Ben Sheets will be able to do (if anything), I will go with the Phillies.

My Pick: Phils in 5


White Sox vs Rays

The Rays are the Cinderella story of the world, overcoming all of the odds and making the playoffs. But with that being said, they have run into a real bad matchup in the first round in my opinion. The Sox are not a beautiful team on paper. But they have a lot of guys who have the ‘it’ factor come this time of the year, including Ken Griffey and Jermaine Dye. I love the Rays’ story. But I just think they do not have enough experience on this kind of stage.

My Pick: Sox in 4

Red Sox vs. Angels

Alas, my bold pick of Round 1. The great thing about the baseball playoffs is that I can see myself going 4-0 in these picks. But I can just as easily see myself going 0-4. The MLB playoffs are so incredibly balanced. But with that being said, I think this is the most balanced matchup of them all. I think the Angels are the best team in baseball. But I also think teams who have to play ‘meaningless’ baseball for 45 days or so like the Angels have, have a hard time flipping the switch back onto the ‘on’ side. Looking at the pitching matchups, I honestly think they all favor the Bo Sox on paper, so I will go on the limb and call a sweep.

My Pick: Sox in 3



Kiffin fired as Raiders coach – I admire Kiffin for being able to coach in Oakland as long as he did. But if he is guilty of some of the things Al Davis says he’s guilty of, then I sort of side with the Raiders owner on this one. And that is a first for me, because I think Davis is hands-down the worst owner in all of sports right now.

Bengals sign RB Benson – How perfect is it for a team of misfits and criminals to sign another one of their kind? All joking aside, I think Benson is a decent enough back who got a bad wrap in Chicago and is a decent pickup.

Phils Burrell hurts back in BP – This is a story to keep an eye on. Burrell adds depth to the middle of that Phillies order to back up guys like Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. They need him to be healthy.


YouTube Video of the Day:

I don’t think the curse will end. But I’ve been wrong before.

Happy October, folks!

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