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The good news is the weather forecasts say this will be a beautiful weekend of lower 80s weather and sunshine.

The bad news is there is no LSU game to tailgate for to be outside for. To double compound the problem, there is also no Saints game this weekend as they play on Monday night.

So as a result, we have a long weekend of either:

1. Watching SEC football – Scouting LSU’s future opponents and ‘scouting’ just in case Les Miles calls and asks us for a gameplan one day.

2. Watch national football – Those of us who go to a lot of the LSU games do not get chances to see teams like Notre Dame or USC because a lot of times, they play at the same time as LSU. So this weekend is a chance to watch the rest of the country’s best.

3. Spend time with family and friends – This is the option I am choosing, combined with #1 and 2 mixed in, also. It’s beautiful weather. Go out and have some fun somewhere with the loved ones. I bet there are a lot of fall weddings scheduled for this weekend around Louisiana as a lot of people did not want to schedule their big day on a night that LSU has a big game. That type of dedication is what I love most about this state.

But there is football being played this weekend, so here are my SEC picks.

Florida 44

Arkansas 9

S. Carolina 24

Ole Miss 20

Kentucky 17

Bama 31

Auburn 31

Vanderbilt 13

Northern Illinois 10

Tennessee 28


The Saints got another body shot today when it was announced that Sedrick Ellis injured himself in practice on Thursday and will miss 2-4 weeks.

I tell you, the Saints are a resilient bunch. They are 2-2, despite having injuries to their 2 best receivers, their left tackle, their defensive tackle, their best cornerback and others.

The NFL season is like a big, heavyweight prized fight — it doesn’t seem like body blows have much of an impact until the later rounds of the fight. And I just think the Saints will have problems staying afloat for a 16-game schedule if they can’t get healthy soon.

The Ellis loss is especially costly when you know you will have Adrian Peterson blowing through the middle of your defense this weekend. That’s not the best time to lose your best DT.


I’ve been giving progress reports, so I will finish that up today.


The LSU DB’s are hot and cold . . . hit or miss. In one regard, they got sliced up by Mississippi State last weekend. On the other hand, they did rise to the occasion and pick off a few passes against Auburn. So the positive thing is that they are all young and should progress as the season moves on. But until then, when passes are in the air, LSU fans have reason to hold their breath.

Grade: C

Special Teams:

I have to say, having an actual special teams coach is a very welcome sight after having a linebackers coach call the shots for the unit the past few seasons. Joe Robinson has helped the return teams, coverage units and also punting in his short time at LSU. And if it were not for winning special teams, LSU would have probably lost to Auburn.

Grade: B+


Rays rally to beat Sox – It did not look good early. But the resilient Rays just keep on finding ways to win.

Mets Manuel gets 2-year deal – Good move. The team was 6-feet under when he took over and rallied to miss the playoffs on the final day of the season.

Heat sign PG Livingston – What a comeback for a home-boy who damn near had his leg fall off. (see YouTube video).


YouTube Video of the Day:

More power to you, brother.



Have a good weekend!

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