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Tiger fans,

This is a bit of a ‘different’ post, because there is no LSU game to recap. But I was a spectator of many sports for many hours today. Here are 10 things I learned.

1. David does beat Goliath sometimes – Kimbo Slice lost to the tomato can’s replacement. And not only lost, lost in 12 seconds. Anything can happen in sports.

2. Alabama is not that good – They’re a good team. Better than I thought they would be. But they’re not on the top-tier level yet. And to be honest, they really are still a way’s away from that level.

3. Notre Dame love – They are 4-1 now and are all freshmen and sophomores. I am not trying to say they are contenders for anything this year, but they have a chance to be special next year.

4. Florida State/Miami – This rivalry means NOTHING now. And that’s sad. Sure, it means a lot to the players and the coaches. But the two teams played a memorable, 41-39 shootout and you have to wait until the last 2-3 mins of SportsCenter to see the highlights.

5. Auburn = done – Auburn now will not win the West. They need LSU to lose 3 times in their next 4 SEC games and Bama to lose twice. AKA it won’t happen.

6. Vandy = soon to be done – Guys, they’re good. But they’re not as good as Georgia and Florida. We’ll find that out soon enough.

7. UNC awaken – From 1998-2002, LSU awoke from their ‘sleeping giant’ status and became a college football power. UNC is in the process of doing that right now. They have a great coach, great facilities and a weakened ACC that will help their cause.

8. Pryor commitment – Terrelle Pryor is a stud. He really is. He willed OSU to the win at Wisconsin and will be a force to be reckoned with for the next 3-4 seasons.

9. Cubbies = cursed – The Cubs are cursed. Not by some mystical, super power that prevents them from winning. But rather by their own mental state that doesn’t allow them to succeed. When the going gets tough, the Cubs do not say “let’s do this,”. They rather say, “Here we go again.”

10. 15 still standing – Some teams have played 5-6 games and the season is being close to half done. Things should be narrowed down, right? Wrong. I can write down right now 12 teams who I think have very real shots of making the BCS National Title Game with 4-5 more who are outside sleepers.
Either way, it was a useful day to gather info about more teams we do not see every Saturday when we are out tailgating for the LSU games.


For those wondering, the LSU staff is on the road recruiting this weekend and the players have been given the weekend off. So the majority of the guys used this weekend to return home to recharge their batteries before a fierce practice week beginning Monday.



Brew Crew win, extend series – This is danger zone. The Phils beat Sabathia once. If they don’t win tomorrow, they will have to try to beat him twice. That’s not easy to do considering that since mid July when the trade was made, he only had one loss as a Brewer prior to Thursday’s defeat.

Lawrence Phillips gets 10-years in prison – Douche-bag. Had the entire world in the palms of his hands. But rather chose to give it all away. It’s one thing to get arrested once. Twice. Hell, you can probably get away with making a major mistake three times. But Phillips has been in and out of jail since college and that’s sad.

OJ loses big in Vegas – Those who do not believe in Karma. Do not believe in fate. Do not believe in God, religion or ‘spiritual justice’, got a big setback to their cases with this one. OJ may have gotten away with the big dog in 1995. But now, this lesser offense will probably land him in jail — forever. I am not God and I was not there in 1995, but if he did indeed do it. Or if he indeed knew about it and did nothing to stop it, then the world is a better place tonight than it was 48 hours ago.


YouTube Video of the Day:

In just 12 seconds, Kimbo Slice goes from worldwide beast, feared by everyone and considered by some as the biggest bad ass on the planet, to a scrub who lost to a guy with pink hair.

That’s all I got.

Take care, folks.

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