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The LSU football team moved down in the polls from three to four, following Missouri’s landslide win against Nebraska in Lincoln.

I’ve been hearing the people on the streets and the local talk radio and all of that good stuff and people have been making a big deal about LSU’s being ‘jumped’ by Alabama and I am sure it will be the same this weekend as they were ‘jumped’ by Missouri.

Do you want to know my thoughts on it all? I could care less! I really couldn’t.

First off, LSU will play Alabama later this year, so if LSU is really better than Alabama, they will have a chance to prove it.

Second, Oklahoma (or Texas) will play Missouri in the Big 12 Title Game (assuming Missouri wins out), so one of those two teams will also have to lose.

Long story short is that if LSU takes care of the eight games left on its schedule, then the SECCG, everything else will take care of itself . . . I promise.

Until then, worry more about Florida, South Carolina and Georgia in three-straight weeks than you do LSU’s position in the poll — because as USF proved last year. Being #1 or #2 right now means nothing if you don’t finish well.

I also want to point out that LSU’s record playing as “number one” wasn’t exactly so great last year, as both of their losses came with that bulls-eye tagged on their backs.

I say it’s better to lay low now than to have the bulls-eye every week.

The NFL week was wild and crazy (as it always seems to be). Here are five basic observations I made about what I saw.

1. The Falcons are not nearly as bad as the media wants you to think – Matt Ryan does just enough to keep the game close behind a very strong running game.

2. The Bengals will win their share of games – You can not play tight with the Cowboys and go to overtime with the Giants and be a bunch of scrubs.

3. Pats look ‘back’ – They used their bye week to revamp their passing game and get Randy Moss involved again. I still say they win the AFC East (sorry Bills fans).

4. NFC East is rough – The Giants are unbeaten. The Redskins are 4-1. The Cowboys are 4-1 and the Eagles are in dead last at 2-3. It’s insane how good this division is.

5. Year of the Cardinal – The Cardinals will win the NFC West. The Seahawks reign at the top is done. And Kurt Warner is firing at all cylinders

Here are my SEC power rankings for this week:

1. Alabama – Won ugly, but mark my words, Kentucky is the most underrated SEC team and will beat Vanderbilt later in the season.

2. LSU – Bye week
3. Vanderbilt – One win away from bowl eligibility and now 3-0 in the league.
4. Georgia – Bye week
5. Florida – Solid rebound after poor start on offense at Arkansas
6. South Carolina – The Cocks finally played to their expectations Saturday and beat Ole Miss on the road.
7. Kentucky – There is no shame in losing by three to the nation’s #2 team after spotting them 14 points in the first 5-6 minutes.
8. Auburn – I love how Auburn pounded Vandy in power formations to get a lead, then chose to lose in the second half with their ‘spread attack’.
9. Ole Miss – Very DiNardo-days-like. Win in a big game, then give it back the very next week at home to an average team.
10. Tennessee- Had a chance to make a statement that they were not as good as their 1-3 record indicated. But ended up just beating Northern Illinois 13-9 *yawn*
11. Mississippi State – Bye
12. Arkansas – Another big-time loss for a reeling program



Phils advance to NLCS to meet Dodgers – Should be a good series. Wonder if Lidge will choke it away?

‘Wild Fin’ leads Dolphins to win – How long will this work. I don’t think it will indefinitely. But so far, so good for Miami.

Titans still unbeaten, top Ravens – Is Kerry Collins the early NFL MVP? Think about it. I know his numbers are not pretty. But he has steered the ship right in every thunderstorm. Personally, my vote right now goes to Brett Favre, but I can see Collins creeping into the discussion slowly once people realize how good Tennessee is and how unlikely it is that they are 5-0.


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