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Tiger fans,

Sorry for the off-day yesterday. For the second day in a few weeks, I had cable problems, so I was unable to post an update.

But anywho, the initial shots have been fired prior to LSU and Florida’s kickoff on Saturday night as LSU junior defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois said that he embraces trying to “take Tim Tebow out of Saturday’s game”.

The LSU Athletic Department quickly ended speculation on the incident and clarified Jean-Francois’ comments, but these are the types of things that make college football fun.

So do I think Jean-Francois is a cold-blooded head hunter? No. I don’t.

But I also think this rivalry game will be so much more intense and so much more fun thanks to Jean-Francois’ comments.

But first and foremost, if LSU loses this game, I don’t want hear anyone blaming Ricky Jean for the loss.

If Florida needed Jean-Francois to talk in order to give them motivation, then Florida has no ambition.

The Gators will be ready to play this game no matter what is said between now and then and it’s pretty silly to think otherwise.

Either way, I expect a ‘car wreck’ between these two teams and it should be a ton of fun.

Much more on this game later in the week.


Last night, the Saints dropped to 2-3 in a heartbreaking loss to the Vikings.

The Saints, gang, are a hard bunch to figure out.

They play great in spurts and terrible in spurts.

They can’t run the ball a lick. But they are the best passing team in the nation.

They can’t guard the pass. But they shut down Adrian Peterson. They are a hard gang to figure out.

I sum it up like this: I am a Cowboys fan. Everyone know that. But I sum it up like this: The Saints do not necessarily have winning players. They just don’t.

I watch week in and week out teams like the Cowboys and the Colts play poorly but still eek out wins because they have ‘winners’ who will them to win.

But with the Saints, it seems like they have to play perfect to win. And that’s a problem.

We’ll see how they deal with it between now and then. I see an 8-8 season in the cards, though.


NFL Power Rankings:

1. Tennessee Titans – Each week this team continues to prove me wrong. No more.

2. New York Giants – The Giants looked so great Sunday against the Seahawks. How will Plex’s return affect their chemistry?

3. Dallas Cowboys – I’d rather win ugly than lose pretty, not that beating anyone in the NFL by 9 is ugly.

4. Washington Redskins – Maybe these guys are for real afterall.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers – Impressive win at Jacksonville minus Willie Parker.

6. Buffalo Bills – Not so hot game last weekend on the left coast — but that was without their QB.

7. New England Patriots – Cassel + Moss = success. Finally the Pats realized that.

8. Carolina Panthers – I told you guys last week. I just like the way this team is built. I do not know why. I just do.

9. Chicago Bears – Strong running game + good defense + no Grossman under center = NFC North Champions

10. Miami Dolphins – The Wild hog? Seriously? Well, so far so good for the Dolphins.


More on the LSU/Florida game tomorrow.

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