First and foremost, I would like to apologize to everyone who relies on this site for LSU information.

I could tell the big, long story. But I have had internet problems and have been kept away from posting here.

But I went home for the weekend and have my problems fixed on Monday, so things should be back to normal, sooner, rather than later and we should be ready to rock ‘n’ roll again.

With that being said, I am back . . . just like the LSU defense, who stopped South Carolina cold in the second half of last night’s 24-17 win.

I did not get to address the Florida game with you guys, but that was a low point of Les Miles’ career at LSU. He was down on himself, the players were down on themselves and LSU had no where to go but up.

But LSU again dug a 1st half hole tonight in Columbia before controlling every aspect of the 2nd half to close out the win.

This is a big win for LSU, not just in the standings, but in how they did it.

1. The second half defense was ‘LSU defense’ – 40 total yards for USC and negative rushing yards. Controlling the line of scrimmage, dominating time of possession and letting LSU’s offensive line wear out the USC defense.

2. double your pleasure, double your fun – Let’s face it. The dual quarterback system LSU is running will not go away. The players need to realize it. The fans need to realize it. And LSU played 2 flawless quarters with the system in the 2nd half and it worked like a charm.

3. Loaded guns – From Keiland Williams to Terance Toliver to Chris Mitchell to Trindon Holliday to Richard Dickson, LSU used all of their offensive weapons and did everything they could to pull out a road SEC win.


The focus will now slowly shift to LSU’s next game with Georgia. The Dawgs beat Vanderbilt at home — although they were not overly impressive doing so.

This will be an evenly matched game and I see it coming down to who makes the least mistakes, something that is not a strong suit of either team.

LSU is one of the worst teams in terms of giveaway/takeaway ratio, while Georgia is the worst penalized team in the country.

So don’t expect a football clinic next Saturday, but do expect to see some fabulous and tremendous athletes out there flying around what will be a jam packed Tiger Stadium.


Another college football day is in the books. With the BCS coming out tomorrow, let me give to you my Top 10.

1. Texas – Will be hard to beat these guys the rest of the way.

2. Penn State – Real test comes next week.

3. Alabama – How long can they ‘win ugly’ and get away with it? Answer: if they play that way at Tennessee, they get loss #1 of the year next weekend.

4. USC – 69-0.

5. Florida – If they play the way they did against LSU every week from here on out, no one will approach 21 points of them — including Georgia.

6. Oklahoma – This team can put up 700 yards total offense on anyone. But they can also give up 550 total yards offense to anyone, too.

t7 Texas Tech

t7 Oklahoma State – overrated Big 12 teams who will both have multiple losses by the time the season ends.

9. Ohio State – Quiet, quiet Ohio State demolished Michigan State on the road. They can’t possibly get back into the title game, can they?

10. Tulsa – I don’t really think Tulsa is the 10th best team in the country. I only put them in there to brag on their sick offense, which is averaging well over 50 points per game this season. Some of the things they do with the football are just insane.


The Saints play a damn-near make or break, do-or-die October game today against the Panthers. With a win, the Saints would be 4-3 and would be right with the pack in the NFC South, while holding wins against Tampa and Carolina — their two biggest competitors for the title.

For the Saints, the outline is pretty clear. Their defense is subpar at best. But their offense is an A+. So expect a shootout between Drew Brees and Jake Delhomme and a lot of long strikes from guys like Devery Henderson and Steve Smith.

But what I think gives the Saints a small edge is the returns of Marquis Colston, Jeremy Shockey and David Patten — all of whom are expected to return after missing multiple weeks with injuries.

What was previously a really good offense I think will now become a great offense and I expect to see the Saints drop 24-31 again tomorrow.


That’s all for now, but I am so glad and happy to be back!

I can not wait to tear it up with you guys in the coming weeks!